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Secondary Education

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Wesley Courser

Wesley Courser (’93 History Education grad)
Principal, Coshocton Christian School (Coshocton, OH)

“My duties as principal include supervising staff, enrolling students, managing school finances, overseeing the computer network, working with parents of students and students themselves, and making sure the school is compliant with state laws.

“My favorite part of working in the education field is that each day brings new challenges and victories. Even though the school schedule may be the same, there is never a monotonous routine because I am working with students and staff who have so many interesting and differing character traits. It is wonderful to see students learn academically and spiritually.

“PCC helped prepare me for teaching because of the practical knowledge that the teachers instilled in me during student teaching. Perhaps the greatest preparation was learning how to manage a classroom successfully by setting boundaries and routines to help students succeed. Then as a student teacher, I had the chance to put that knowledge into practice during my internship at PCA.

“PCC prepares Christian school teachers to be servants which is essential in being a part of a Christian school ministry because you could be called upon to do many things above and beyond the normal teaching duties.”

Minne Bouma

Minne Bouma (’97 History grad)

  • Principal, Central Baptist Academy (Brantford, ON, Canada)
  • M.S. in Educational Administration: Pensacola Christian College

“I am currently the principal at Central Baptist Academy, a ministry of Central Baptist Church in Brantford, Ontario. I also maintain the operation of the school, meet with prospective parents, and review school curriculum. I enjoy interacting with the students, investing my own life into theirs, and then seeing where God leads them in the future.

“The best part of PCC’s education for me was its practicality. I have spoken to other principals that have finished a master’s degree, and they have told me that they have never used any of the information they learned in classes at their schools. I have used information from every single one of my courses to make me a better principal.

“I have earned certification from the Association of Christian Schools International as both a teacher and an administrator, and I’m now preparing my family to move to Portugal, answering God’s call to be career missionaries, assisting the missionary school and training the Portuguese youth for serving Christ.

“PCC’s program gave me the biblical foundation to point students to God through my teaching, and I am still extremely thankful for PCC and how it changed my life.”

Lylliam Dunbar

Lylliam Dunbar (’89 Speech Education grad)

  • Associate Director of Curriculum and Chair of the Department of Liberal Arts, Trinity International University’s Florida Regional Center (Davie, FL)
  • M.S. in Educational Administration: Pensacola Christian College
  • M.S. in English Education: Nova Southeastern University
  • Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction: Florida International University

“I currently have a full-time administrative position at TIU-FRC. I oversee the curriculum for the undergraduate program and am the point person/contact for all the adjunct instructors for the undergraduate program (except for Elementary Education instructors).

“My Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from PCC certainly helped prepare me for the day-to-day responsibilities of working with others as an educational leader. I think that PCC has a commitment to educational excellence, and students are encouraged to glorify the Lord with their gifts. This example has served me well as I work in the educational setting with students, trying to live this out daily and encourage others to do the same.”

Ben Reid

Ben Reid (’05 Biology grad)

  • Junior/Senior High School Teacher, Old Suwanee Christian School (Buford, GA)
  • M.S. in Science Education: Pensacola Christian College

“In addition to teaching science, Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry, some of my other responsibilities include running 7th and 8th grade clubs and being in charge of various activities such as the science fair.

“My favorite part about teaching is the interaction with the students. Seeing them grow mentally and spiritually makes teaching more rewarding to me than many other occupations combined. I also enjoy the subjects that I teach. The science field is always growing, and it is fun to tell my students about the new things that are happening daily. In the mathematics field, I am always challenged to grow mentally and to stay at my best.

“PCC helped me by providing the knowledge and understanding I would need to stay ahead of my classes and by preparing me to be a well-rounded teacher.”

Aaron Ainsworth (’99 Physical Education grad)
Teacher, Milford Christian Academy (Milford, OH)

Aaron said his favorite part of working in the educational field is “teaching and training others. This is my twelfth year teaching, and I enjoy it more the longer I do it.

“The demanding education program at PCC certainly prepared me for what I am doing today because of the hands-on practice I was able to do through my internship, the size classes I was able to teach in at PCA, and the expectations that were expected of me while I was teaching.”

Melissa Fuqua

Melissa Fuqua (’88 Physical Education grad)

  • High School Principal, Bay Area Christian School (League City, TX)
  • M.S. in Educational Administration: Pensacola Christian College

“I am responsible for the supervision of teachers, curriculum, student life, and discipline. I started out as a coach and history teacher for several years, and then unexpectedly the Lord allowed me the opportunity to advance and step in as interim principal. I returned to PCC to get my master’s and have been principal ever since.

“PCC trained me to strive to do all things with excellence. You may work at a school with a small budget and no technology or equipment, but you can still do things excellently with what you have. As a principal, I prize teachers who do things as unto the Lord and are on time, dependable, self-starters, competent in their subject, and able to kindly and professionally deal with students and parents. PCC’s education department expected that of me daily, which really put me ahead of the competition.

“Another valuable lesson I learned at PCC that has helped me as a principal is to lead with humility. Since I started my career in the classroom, I understand what the teachers are experiencing and can support them better. It is necessary to be approachable by faculty, students, and parents. My instructors at PCC were always approachable and it was clear they wanted to help me succeed. Education calls for teamwork. There is no room for petty competitiveness or superior attitudes, and I have seen good leadership modeled by faculty and friends at PCC.”

Jennifer Fleming (’08 Music Education grad)
Fine Arts and Band director, Sumter Christian School (Sumter, SC)

“My favorite part of teaching is being able to impact my students both academically and spiritually.

“Through my classes and internship at PCC, I was able to come into my first year of teaching prepared for the challenges that I knew I would face. I believe that my method classes have helped the most because I was able to practice on my peers long before having a class full of students.”

Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson (’89 Education Administration grad)

  • Secondary Principal, North Hills Christian School (Vallejo, CA)
  • District Representative, Association of Christian Schools International
  • Serves on the Accreditation Commission for ACSI in CA

“My daily responsibilities involve overseeing the daily operation of the upper grades and teaching four classes of junior high Bible and science. My favorite part of the educational field is the interaction with students and parents and the opportunity to have a positive influence in the lives of our students. I enjoy being able to see them accomplish great things and knowing that I have helped to set the building blocks in place for their future endeavors.

“My four summers at PCC really equipped me to be able to face the challenges that come to anyone in the educational field. The classes I took were beneficial because they were practical and informative, not just busy work to complete a degree.

“The encouragement from the professors at PCC has helped me to understand the importance of what I am doing. Dr. Mullenix gave some very insightful instruction, and because of that I feel that I am better qualified to meet the daily challenges. Dr. Horton spoke to us in a number of classes, and I greatly respect him for all that he has done to make PCC the quality institution it is today. His little tidbits of information concerning administrative practices have helped tremendously over the years, and hopefully have kept me from making major mistakes in my ministry.”

Steve Barnes (’00 Physical Education grad)
Teacher, Liberty Baptist School (San Jose, CA)

“In addition to teaching Physical Education, I also coach after-school teams and serve as the athletic director for the junior high and high school sports program. I came to Liberty directly after college and have been working here for eleven years. As it turns out, the Lord allowed me to work at the high school I graduated from.

“I love teaching elementary physical education. There is nothing better than forty-five minutes with twenty K5 students.

“The program at PCC greatly prepared me for what I am doing. The education classes are second to none because they gave me the tools needed to effectively educate children. I felt so ready to walk right into class the first day of school.

“One of the most valuable training aspects was the critical thinking skills. I learned not only methods and concepts, but also how to take those methods and apply them.”