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Jason Kellhofer-History

Leslie Collier (’01 English grad)
Teacher, Westwood Baptist Academy (Poplar Bluff, MO)

“I teach junior high and high school English, history, and drama. After teaching at Pensacola Christian Academy (PCA) for three years, God brought my husband and me back to our home state where we could rear our children near our families.

“I love watching the students learn and grow each year. Since I have most of them every year, it is amazing to see how much they progress and very exciting to watch them graduate and see how the Lord works and directs in their lives.

“The classes I took at PCC definitely prepared me for my career. When I started my first teaching job at PCA, I felt completely prepared for what was expected of me. The caring teachers were great examples of how I as a teacher should minister to my students.”

Jason Kellhofer-History

Amber Griffin (’05 English grad)
Teacher, La Molina Christian Schools (Lima, Peru)

“For the past five years, I’ve worked as the high school English teacher at La Molina Christian Schools in Lima, Peru. I first learned about this school through the February Recruitment Conference PCC offers to graduating students. Director Andy Pace presented the school’s mission as challenging Peruvian students with a solid academic program while instilling in them a biblical worldview and encouraging them in their personal relationships with God. In retrospect, I more clearly see how God has used my education and experience at PCC to fashion me for His use to accomplish that mission. At Pensacola, I was challenged to work diligently to attain high academic standards, and I learned through every class how to view the world through a biblical lens. The environment of the school and the spirit of the teachers fostered in me a deeper desire to grow in my relationship with my Creator and Redeemer.

“When I arrived in Peru and saw the material I would be teaching, I found that the detailed English program at PCC had thoroughly prepared me for this field. Because I had already studied the majority of the works I would be teaching, I could spend extra time focusing on classroom management and developing relationships with my students and their parents.  

“God gives us a ministry no matter the geographical location or the professional field because wherever we go there will be people. Without a doubt, my favorite part about the field I’m in is the people. I have the privilege and challenge to work with Peruvian teenagers; and whether I’m teaching them about John Milton, playing basketball with them, demonstrating how to write a persuasive essay, having a personal conversation with one of them, or praying with them, I get to see how God works in their lives. That is challenging yet rewarding.”

Carli Saffert-English

Carli Saffert (’02 English grad)

  • Reference Librarian, St. Clair County Library (Port Huron, MI)
  • M.S. in Library Information Science, Wayne State University

“My primary duty is researching questions for patrons over any number of topics, as well as acquiring new material for our collection and withdrawing outdated and unused material. I develop the library’s resources so that they match our informational need.

“Now, as a professional librarian, I use much of what I learned as an English major on a daily basis. I help library patrons not only with their reading preferences, but also with questions that run the spectrum of information. Thanks to PCC, I have a solid understanding of the English language and literature. I will forever be grateful that God led me to attend college there.”