Training students to pursue Excellence in Art

Most college art programs promote unrestrained “freedom of expression,” reflected in artwork with worldly philosophies. But PCC’s art program emphasizes traditional artistic principles, thus students create professional level artwork.

Experienced PCC art faculty emphasize standards for excellence and help students combine God-given talent with constant practice and real world artistry.

Mr. Jekel

Mr. Brian Jekel (oil) painting by Adam Clague Using bold color and brushwork, Adam hoped to represent what he describes as “Mr. Jekel’s abounding strength in his work and character.”

Beginning in basic freshman courses, students learn that truly creative artists study traditional drawing, painting, and illustration methods passed down from masters of the past. This allows students to balance their God-given creativity with effective visual communication skills.

Artist in residence Brian Jekel said, “PCC’s program is distinctive for those desiring to learn how to draw, paint, and illustrate in a traditional, realistic manner. Our students learn that art is visual communication, and that excellence and God-honoring work is priority. Students learn the basics in skill and knowledge, then build upon that foundation each semester.”

PCC Artist in Residence—Brian Jekel

The Triumphal Entry

The Triumphal Entry (oil)
by Brian Jekel

A modern master, Brian Jekel has produced over 1,000 Biblical illustrations, many depicting the life of Christ. In addition to serving as Abeka Book illustrator (27 yrs.), he teaches art at PCC. He said, “I’m thankful for PCC’s clear tradition of excellence as the Lord blesses the art program with dedicated young people. Their work consistently surpasses work from other Christian art programs. In fact, each year our 10 best students would compare favorably against the 10 best students from any school.”

Prints of Jekel’s work available at local Christian stores, or through PCC Campus Store 1-800-722-3570.

Art Programs

CA Art GalleryStudio Art students, after fundamental drawing, design, and painting courses, concentrate on advanced painting and illustration, working with traditional media such as watercolor, acrylic, oil, and mixed media. By studying a variety of these, students develop their artistic interests to be better equipped for the field. Class instruction and regular assignments help students to accurately draw and paint the costumed human figure with correct proportions, which is one of art’s most challenging areas to master.

Graduate Painting
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Commercial Art

Graphic design students study print design, advertising, and web design using industry-standard computer technology and software. Courses in public relations, marketing, and selling introduce students to the business side of advertising and design.

Studio art and graphic design programs include internships in the field and courses to develop digital portfolios and self-promotional materials for potential employers. These culminate in the senior portfolio exhibit.

On the graduate level, PCC’s Master of Arts (2 yr.) and Master of Fine Arts (3 yr.) programs provide students with personalized, intensive instruction for developing advanced skills in a chosen medium.

Master of Fine Arts ’09 graduates Adam Clague (MI), Andrea Orr (OH), and Angela Sekerak (AL) achieved artistic excellence during graduate studies. Several of their paintings now hang in PCC’s art collection.

Adam Clague portrait Isabella and Sophia

Adam Clague’s portrait Isabella and Sophia (oil) shows sisters taking a garden stroll in afternoon sunlight.

Elizabeth and Danny, by Andrea Orr

Elizabeth & Danny (oil), by Andrea Orr, depicts the unique bond shared between Andrea’s sister and the family pony.

Angela Sekerak painting Homeward

Capturing the effect of sunset’s warm light, Angela Sekerak’s nostalgic painting Homeward (oil) illustrates a boy resting on his way home.

Published 3/22/2010