Fountains Goes Full Color

All good fountains should refresh. And that’s just what Fountains, PCC’s student literary publication, hopes to do—provide stories, articles, and poems that refresh and sustain its readers. But this year, Fountains got a bit of refreshment itself.

2013 Fountains

Throughout its twenty-four editions, Fountains has seen many innovations, including design enhancements, binding improvements, and expanded marketing opportunities. In early May, the classes proudly revealed one of the most exciting upgrades yet: a full-color edition. Leah Keller, the assistant art director who helped produce the book’s illustrations, said, “It feels like we’re coming to our full potential. That’s such a satisfying feeling.”

Students in the Copy Editing II and Modern Publication classes produce every aspect of the publication. They apply for positions such as project manager, art director, editor, illustrator, proofreader, and advertising director. Working in their assigned roles with faculty advisors, the students meet rigorous deadlines and follow an approval process much as they would in an actual publishing department. The Copy Editing II class selects and edits the pieces, and then creates an advertising strategy. Meanwhile the Modern Publication class illustrates the stories and designs the cover, layout, and advertisements.

In this full-color edition, each entry features a vibrant illustration. Fountains also includes some of the best student photos submitted during the year.

“I hope the student body thinks of it as theirs,” said Abigail Emtage, assistant production director of the Modern Publication class. “More than just a school souvenir to read on their way home, Fountains is a literary and artistic work that shares the student body’s stories and photos.”

Refresh yourself with a copy of Fountains, available from the Campus Bookstore for only $4, while supplies last.

Published 5/24/2013