Keep Calm and Usher On

Campus Church Ushers

You may have noticed them directing church members to seats, taking up the offering, or getting the door for a mother leaving the service with her baby. But what exactly goes on behind the scenes in the world of Campus Church ushers?

“We take our jobs very seriously,” said Joel Salangsang (CA), one of PCC’s 34 ushers. “But we still have a good time doing our job.” A senior advertising and public relations major, Joel has ushered since his sophomore year.

Mike Crozier (Sr., WI), an accounting major, has also ushered since his sophomore year and now serves as assistant position leader. He said, “We spend a full afternoon before school starts getting acquainted with our leaders, positions, seating patterns, and the usher handbook. We even run through a mock church offering.”

During his first service as an usher, Mike was a little nervous that he would make a mistake in such a large auditorium with so many rows; however, his worry gave way to relief as he realized that this was easier than he had expected.

“Everything went just like it had during training—except for the last row in my section,” Mike said. “I got so relieved that I sent an offering plate down a row that I was supposed to pick a plate up from. Everyone in the middle of the row looked super confused and finally just sent both plates back my way.”

After the service, the other ushers teased Mike about it, but assured him that he would do better next time.

According to lead usher and staff member Caleb Sill, an usher’s job goes beyond taking up the offering or seating people. They are there to help wherever needed, no matter the situation.

Mike recalls, “During a heavy downpour, a group of children sang in church. They had to get back to the MacKenzie Building, so our supervisor had us cut the bottom of trash bags and use them as ponchos. We gave the little kids the makeshift ponchos and used our umbrellas to get them to the MacKenzie without getting washed away!”

Often ushers have unique opportunities to reach out to those in need. “There was one service when a student was looking for someone to talk to, but I was the only one out there,” Joel said. “He was not sure about his salvation, so I was able to share some verses and pray with him. That night, he was positive he was on his way to heaven. That night was such a blessing to me, and I hope I was a blessing to him.”

Whether they are greeting guests, taking up the offering, or helping children through the rain, the PCC ushers are ready and willing to help. “We hope to set a good example for our fellow students and set a positive tone for the service,” Joel said.


Published 4/30/2015