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Tyler Ingle ’14

Tyler Ingle

Depending on the time of year, Tyler Ingle (’14) could be up at 2:30 a.m. monitoring duck hunting, putting in late hours patrolling waterways, or teaching boating or gun safety classes. “As a game warden, I have been entrusted to enforce the laws and to protect the wildlife and fishing resources of North Carolina,” Tyler said. “I take this very seriously. Game wardens are the last line of defense against people taking more than their limits of wildlife.”

When the alumnus left his small town in North Carolina to attend PCC, some questioned why he would move that far from home for college. But Tyler knew God had led him, and he was determined to learn all he could. He said, “I remember receiving my first semester schedule. I thought, How am I going to be able to get all this done? Well, long story short, I did.”


Tyler, a criminal justice graduate, recalls walking into freshman speech class and doubting he would ever use those skills. Little did he know that one day he would address audiences of three to four hundred people at a time, make TV appearances, teach classes, and comfort family members who had lost a loved one in a boating or hunting accident. “I had no idea that class would prepare me for my job the most,” he said. “The Lord has a sense of humor, and as a game warden, I do public speaking all the time. Looking back, it is amazing how God used PCC to step by step get me out of my comfort zone.”

Now, Tyler uses that same grit and determination he used to complete his degree to tackle his job each day. Every day is an adventure for the young game warden. “I go to work facing the unknown each day, but the reward is that each day is never the same,” he said.


“My favorite part of my job is that I can influence people’s lives. I meet so many different people from all different types of backgrounds. I have spoken with people in the North Carolina legislator’s building all the way to kids in kindergarten. It amazes me that as a game warden I get to do that!”

As a Christian, Tyler’s faith is as much a part of his life as his identity as a wild game officer. “I have seen that the Lord has used me to help people in some of the worst times in their lives,” he said. “God puts Christians in unique positions to be used of Him. As a game warden, I have had the opportunity to pray with folks down on a river bank while I was working.”

If you happen to pass through North Carolina someday, you might just spot Officer Ingle traversing the woods or on a boat patrolling the waterways. But one thing is certain: “I am proud to serve the citizens of North Carolina and protect the wildlife resources for future generations to enjoy,” Tyler said.

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