Daniel Cooley ’97
  • Master’s in Accounting: University of Central Florida
  • Vice President of Tax, Pyramid Advisors LP
  • Certified Public Accountant (FL)

“I’m responsible for the tax planning and compliance functions for Pyramid Advisors and the private equity funds they manage.”

“The Accounting program at PCC taught me all of the principles and concepts of accounting, finance, and taxation that I needed to land an entry-level job in a corporate tax department, obtain a Master’s in Accounting from UCF, and pass the CPA exam in the state of Florida.”

“When I graduated from PCC, I wasn’t sure how I would compare to other students graduating from schools like University of Florida, University of Central Florida, or Florida State University. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to UCF and found many of the classes in my Master’s program were easier than the classes I took at PCC, and that I knew as much or more than many of the other students in the program.”

“I think PCC’s Accounting program provided me with a solid foundation in accounting and finance, but more importantly PCC as a whole helps students develop discipline and self-control.”

Téa Gennaro ’04


On a last-minute application, Téa (Blaceri) Gennaro left her small town in Albania and entered the United States. She bravely said goodbye to friends and family, leaving the only life she’d known to pursue her education at a Christian college. “You could say that God was there to give me clarity from day one,” said the 2004 PCC graduate.

The vivacious teen quickly picked up English, but her real passion lay in numbers. As an accounting major, Téa learned more than calculus, business law, and financial planning. She said, “In accounting it is imperative to display a strong work ethic, but it is especially important to be honest and ethical. The education I received at PCC is the foundation I have built upon in the work force.”

After graduation, Téa accepted a job as a staff accountant at a company in Virginia. She enjoyed the experience, but her ultimate goal went beyond that office. “I knew I wanted to be a CFO since the first week in my very first official job as an accountant. I have worked toward this goal ever since.”

While still working, she pursued an advanced degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University as well as CPA certification. With an M.B.A. in hand, after graduation she took a position as a senior finance accounting manager and later on a controller position with a CPA firm for a company in Washington, D.C. She used her skills to manage client relationships and analyze monthly and quarterly financial statements. With care and precision, she developed and monitored the company’s budgets while she prepared and delivered monthly and quarterly financial statements as well as the annual audit. She was also responsible for filing the company’s taxes each year.

In 2013, Téa accepted a job with her current employer—Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). It was similar to the work she had done at her previous job, only on a larger scale—she was now the Senior Director and Controller. Here she managed the accounting finance department and mentored staff, all while overseeing the finance and accounting divisions at ABC National and its affiliates.

Then, in October of 2017, Téa’s dream came true—ABC promoted her to Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, she manages the accounting, finance, and facilities functions, reporting directly to the president and the CEO. She said, “My favorite part about the CFO role is the option to wear many hats and work on different tasks every day. I get to work on not only numbers, but also on strategy, and my days are never the same.”

Recently, Téa received the Trending 40 Association and Nonprofit Finance Leaders Award from DCA Live, a news publication based out of Washington, D.C. “PCC’s program prepared me for my current work by instilling in me a great work ethic. I learned to take responsibility for my work and be fully committed.”

Brent Atkinson ’00

Brent Atkinson Accounting

  • Director of Finance and Administration, Tennessee Medical Association

“I am responsible for all financial reporting of the association. I wear many hats at TMA, and oftentimes have projects going on in many different areas for which I am responsible. I learned how to do that type of juggling first at PCC. Probably the biggest way PCC’s program prepared me for the current work is teaching me the ability to multi-task.”

“When I graduated, I worked for a construction company for nearly five years and gained a great amount of valuable business and accounting experience. But I knew it was time to move on to something else. I sent out a couple hundred resumes over a two-month period, but nothing led me to have God’s peace in a particular job. Then, I received a call from TMA asking for an interview. The interview went well, and at the end, the gentleman informed me that he had called me in because of where I went to college. He was familiar with PCC and knew what a great education students received there. A week later I started and the Lord’s been blessing ever since.”

Steve Watson ’93

Steve Watson-Accounting

  • MBA: Ashland University
  • Associate Director of Marketing Strategy & Analytics, Verizon Wireless
  • Church Treasurer, Calvary Baptist Church

“As Verizon Wireless has grown, I have had the opportunity to grow as well. I manage a team in Verizon’s Midwest area that is responsible for consumer and business customer reporting and analytics to develop our marketing strategy towards this customer base. We then execute marketing contacts to our customers through direct mail, e-mail, text messaging, and outbound calling. I must understand the costs and benefits of our marketing efforts in order to make sure that Verizon is getting the best return on the investment of the money we spend.”

“I could have learned the principles of accounting and gotten a good general business training from other colleges or universities, but I couldn’t have gotten the spiritual foundation that I got from PCC at those schools. One of the most important traits needed in business today is integrity. The spiritual training I received at PCC was prevalent not just in chapel or church, but in every class I took. I have really developed an appreciation for the opportunities we had as students to hear some of the finest preachers in America each week.”

Brad Fralic ’89

Brad Fralic-Accounting

  • Master’s of Accountancy: Case Western Reserve University; Certified Public Accountant
  • Controller, Case Western Reserve University (OH)

“PCC gave me knowledge for the work I do every day, provided me a solid base of accounting knowledge, reinforced my Christian values and walk, and was a fun environment in which to learn.”

Sarah Klein ’04

Sarah Klein-Accounting

  • Revenue Agent, Internal Revenue Service

“I love working with the public and giving them a different impression of the IRS than what they are expecting. When I was interviewed by the IRS, I had to take an accounting assessment test. Out of the 25 that I interviewed with, only two of us were eventually employed.”

“Before I worked for the IRS, I worked for a tax lawyer. After only six months of employment, I was given responsibility of training all the new employees. After one year with the agency I was put in charge of opening a new facility in another town.”

“PCC’s program prepared me much better than some of my public-college counterparts. The Advanced Taxation course covered aspects of corporate and flow-thru taxation that my colleagues either hadn’t heard of or didn’t cover until their Master’s programs. So many colleges only teach their students where to put numbers on the tax returns. PCC teaches a solid, core understanding of the tax code. We learned not just how to put numbers on a return, but how to correctly calculate and explain the tax law behind them.”

Sharilee Johnson ’94
  • Tax and IT Supervisor, Keller & Owens accounting firm
  • Certified Public Accountant (KS, MO)
  • Certified Financial Planner

“I work with many individual and business clients in the areas of tax planning and tax preparation for all types of tax returns including individual, partnership, corporation, trust, gift, and estate. My other area of responsibility is the IT aspect of the firm, including managing the network, setting up desktops and laptops, purchasing software and hardware, and dealing with computer-related issues that arise.”

“My accounting courses at PCC were excellent preparation for understanding the fundamentals of accounting and being able to review business clients’ records in preparation for filing the necessary tax forms. The taxation courses were incredibly practical and gave me the ability to immediately begin preparing corporate returns for a firm upon graduation from PCC. I have learned since that many accounting graduates from other colleges do not have such practical experience in college and many need additional training once they start work. The accounting and business faculty truly care about each individual student and desire for them to be successful.”

Tea Blaceri ’04


  • MBA: Virginia Tech
  • Finance Manager, Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

“The accounting program at PCC prepared me very well to get started in the field, especially with the strong ethical training. In accounting it is imperative to display a strong work ethic, but it is especially important to be honest and ethical. The education I received at PCC is the foundation I have built upon in the work force.”

Chris Aditya ’18


As he invested time in his classes, sophomore accounting student Chris Aditya (’14, M.B.A. ’18) became increasingly interested in pursuing a career in corporate finance. After some encouragement from his peers, he went for it, adding on his second major in finance. “You can actually complete [both] in four years [with] summer classes,” said Aditya, while also admitting that one of the keys for doing so “is to forgo short-term pleasure.”

After graduating with his M.B.A., Aditya transitioned quickly into his job as a senior associate in mergers and acquisitions and capital advisory for KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms alongside Deloitte, EY, and PwC. In this position, Aditya helps prepare marketing materials for investments and develops financial models for equity valuation and debt sculpting. As he works with clients, he looks for ways to help them solve problems and then delegates different responsibilities to his team while also working with those above him.

“I feel that the Lord has called me to this field through difficulties, past relevant experiences in [my] educational background, past working experiences, and opportunities,” Aditya said.

Aditya chose to attend PCC for a few reasons, but one of the main factors was the positive changes his family had seen in Aditya older sister after she attended PCC. “I guess this [made] a solid precedent . . . for me to attend the school,” he said. Aditya’s sister had learned of the College while attending an international school in Jakarta, Indonesia—the same city in which Aditya currently works.

Before he graduated with his M.B.A. from PCC in 2018, Aditya’s perseverance and diligence helped him accomplish something many finance students dream of—he completed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification on his first attempt. Although the tests are known to be difficult, with many test takers studying up to 300 hours to pass, Aditya said because of work and his other learning responsibilities, he spent less than approximately 200 hours studying. “The key is to pray, to plan, to act, and never complain,” Aditya said.

“This [certification] is the gold standard in the investment field,” Aditya explained. To gain the certification, participants must pass three levels of exams. He added, “The exam is offered once a year for levels 2 and 3.” Aditya completed level 1 in December 2016, level 2 in June 2017, and level 3 in 2018—all while working toward his own M.B.A.

Aditya considers his most valuable classes to have been Corporate Finance (BA 301) and Principles of Accounting (AC 231, AC 232)—a direct result from having tacked on the finance degree as a sophomore. He found the classes to be important building blocks for other in-depth courses. In addition to these, several other classes helped him prepare to get his CFA certification, including Portfolio Management (FN 448) and Advanced Statistics (BN 600), which Aditya took as part of his M.B.A. studies.

Even if a class didn’t seem directly related to corporate finance, Aditya sought to use them to help him in his career path. And while he admits that he didn’t consider his history or literature classes relevant for his future as a student, he was surprised by how often even these could be brought into conversations with colleagues or clients. “All [classes] serve/complement each other,” he said. “Life at PCC has helped me to develop discipline, punctuality, a dress-for-success mindset, and leadership [skills].”

Brad Cansler ’95

Brad Cansler Accounting

  • Master’s of Accountancy: University of West Florida
  • Sourced Products Demand Planning Team Manager, Electrolux Major Appliances-North America

“The best way to describe what I do is ‘change management.’ Electrolux sends me where they need changes made to business processes and organization. I work with people to identify where we are failing, and I have the authority to make organizational changes to get results.“

“I regard PCC, the faculty, and instruction I received as gifts from God. The business and accounting faculty did not simply teach classes, they cared about me as a student and an individual. And the combination of business, accounting, and computer skills—applied from the foundation of a biblical worldview—is one of the most powerful combinations any business-minded professional could have. Without attending PCC and receiving the instruction there, I would not be as successful in my career.”

Pauline Changgara ’09

Pauline Changgara-Accounting

  • Accountant, Roosevelt Thomas Consulting & Training

“PCC’s management program equipped me with strong business ethics and creative thinking, and provided an excellent education. After graduating, I had several employers ask me where I learned so much about business at such a young age. After completing PCC’s program, the master’s program at UNH seemed easy, and the professors commented on the excellence of my former education.”

“PCC gave me exactly what I needed to succeed in business. My advice for someone considering PCC’s management/marketing program is—Go for it!”

Abe Neudorf ’94

Abe Neudorf-Accounting

  • MBA: University of New Hampshire
  • Corporate finance, Inverness Medical Innovations (Alere Inc.)

“PCC’s management program equipped me with strong business ethics and creative thinking, and provided an excellent education. After graduating, I had several employers ask me where I learned so much about business at such a young age. After completing PCC’s program, the master’s program at UNH seemed easy, and the professors commented on the excellence of my former education.”

“PCC gave me exactly what I needed to succeed in business. My advice for someone considering PCC’s management/marketing program is—Go for it!”

Chris Anteau ’96

Chris Anteau-Accounting

  • MBA: Grand Canyon University
  • Corporate Controller with a Tucson–based telecommunications company

Chris oversees accounting, administration, finance, and human resources. Within two years of graduating, he moved into a managerial position. “I found that my co-workers knew little about accounting theory, which I learned at PCC,” he said. “I learned why we do what we do, not simply how to do it. With an accounting major, you can go into almost any industry and do almost anything that interests you. Accounting is more than a boring desk job—it’s an opportunity to bring efficiency, profitability, and information to a business.”

“When I started graduate school in 2003, I found I had already learned much of the material in PCC’s undergraduate program. That was not the case for many of the other students. Their undergraduate programs did nothing to prepare them for graduate school.”

Belinda Whittle ’00

Belinda Whittle-Accounting

  • Finance Analyst, CanJet Airlines

CanJet provides aircraft and flight crews for private charters and major tour company vacation packages. I provide analysis on various costs, including airport and landing fees, passenger handling, departure taxes paid to foreign governments, etc. I’ve worked in both Canada and the United States, and the basic accounting is the same.”

“I praise the Lord for the opportunity to work for some exciting companies and clients. I’ve worked on the Ernst & Young audit team for financial audits of the U.S. Department of Education, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Centers for Disease Control.”

“PCC’s accounting program was invaluable for all my positions. Not many accountants I’ve worked with have studied cost accounting, tax, and audit in addition to regular financial accounting. I feel that has given me an edge over students from other schools in providing value to my employer. The real-world examples and stories from the teachers were the most valuable to me, along with the teaching of biblical principles and their application in the business world.”

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