Cheryl Sparks ’94

Cheryl Sparks

  • Senior Production Coordinator, Keystrokes Transcription Service

Cheryl Sparks is the senior production coordinator for Keystrokes Transcription Service, where she supervises 300 medical transcriptionists and editors nationwide. From her freshman year at PCC, Cheryl’s coursework in medical office administration was preparing her to one day be a leader in her industry. “I was one of the first students to enroll in the new program,” she says. “The classroom content as well as day-to-day life at PCC absolutely prepared me for what the Lord had planned in the transcription field for me.”

Currently, she oversees 35 accounts, including hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, doctors’ offices, and radiology departments. Cheryl recalls when she first started in the field: “When I would go to interviews, it was frequently commented that I was different from the other applicants. I knew that a large portion of that was due to knowing Christ as my Savior, but I also have to credit the difference to the skills, work ethic, and discipline that PCC instilled in me.”

This difference is what made Cheryl stand out to her employer and why she enjoys the challenges of medical transcription. She says, “Our industry is transitioning quickly with technology and healthcare practices, and every day, I get to learn something new!”

At her present job, she is responsible for the success and professional growth of other coordinators under her, a supporting role that results in her managing an additional 70 accounts. She also plays an active role in recruiting and hiring employees as well as compiling payroll and performing quality-assurance audits.

As she looks back at her time in college, Cheryl realizes that “the entire experience that I had at PCC was preparing me for my career. Things that, at the time, I would not have felt were important are now very clearly critical to where I am today. From what I was learning in my classes, to the caring instructors who desired to help me learn more not only about my chosen profession but also about our Lord—it was all instrumental in developing my character into the right type of employee that would be honoring to God.”

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