Nathan Jones ’01

Nathan Jones

  • Missionary to the Canadian Arctic

“I am ministering in the community of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut Territory, located in the Canadian Arctic. I am a pioneer, church-planting missionary among the Inuit people here and am one of three fundamental independent Baptist church-planters in the entire territory. As a church-planter, my daily responsibilities are quite varied among visiting with local people, looking for opportunities to share Christ, and tending to maintenance and upkeep because living in the arctic requires a lot of work to survive the harsh conditions.”

“When I was eleven years old, God began working in my heart about serving somewhere in the world as a missionary. He kept bringing Arctic Canada to my heart and mind, and He slowly developed a burden in my heart for northern Canadians. The arctic region of Canada is somewhat of a forgotten mission field, and I love having the opportunity to reach out to needy people and share the gospel with them.”

“PCC helped prepare me for what a missionary may face on the field. I learned good study habits and gained the tools I needed to aid me in deputation, sermon preparation, youth work, and other areas of my life and ministry. I believe one of the most valuable things I learned was to strive to do everything properly and professionally and to be sensitive to the needs of others around me.”

“I praise the Lord that we are in the midst of planting the first Baptist church in this entire territory.”

Casandra Pardine ’99

Casandra Pardine

  • M.S. in Elementary Education: Pensacola Christian College
  • Missionary to Peru

“For the last six years, I have been teaching at La Molina Christian School in Lima, Peru. Because it is a bilingual school, the children are immersed in English using Abeka curriculum and receive a Christian education while learning a second language. Since parents crave this kind of education for their children, we have had many open doors to witness to family members and see them saved.”

“God led me to Peru through a missions trip that I learned about during a Mission Prayer Band meeting at PCC. After taking part in the daily missionary life and helping out in the Christian school, God burdened my heart to return to Peru after finishing my Master’s degree in Elementary Education.”

“As a missions major with a broad field study in elementary education, I was prepared not only to teach the Bible, but also many other subjects. In my missions courses, I learned about the mission field and gleaned spiritual truths and many helpful tips from my missions teachers. In my education classes, I learned how to communicate ideas clearly in a variety of settings.”

“I highly value PCC’s efforts to instill in students a desire to know God more and their emphasis on studying and knowing God’s Word on a daily and personal basis.”

Steven Maldoff  ’95

Steven Maldoff

  • Missionary/pastor, Murray River Baptist Church in Australia

“I serve in the country of Australia in a rural, remote town called Mildura (in the state of Victoria). I was used by God to help establish Murray River Baptist Church in February 2003.

“The most rewarding part about serving in full-time ministry is seeing God work in the lives of others. To see these individuals grow, mature, develop, and become true disciples of Christ is something that brings me great joy. I like to challenge people to think about the practicality of the Word of God and how God wants to speak to them. Too many people only listen to what ministers teach and do no personal study. I love it when people come to me and share what God has been teaching them through His Word.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that PCC has helped in so many ways. Being involved with different Christian service ministries helped me to gain practical experience in a wide variety of areas such as nursing home ministries and door-to-door visitation.”

“Any person considering PCC’s Bible program needs to take advantage of the great teachers and godly men that are on faculty. They have a real passion for a young person to learn and understand God’s Word, developing them for whatever God has for them. These men are great assets of PCC and should not be taken for granted. They are willing to answer questions; so take advantage of that!”

“God used my time at PCC to help change me and mold me into an entirely different person than I was before I began my studies there. It was a place of spiritual growth in my life, and I learned so many things about myself and about God for which I am forever grateful. The environment of the campus is ideal, promoting godliness in all areas of an individual.”

Ministering in Bangladesh ’03

Ministering Bangladesh

The small country of Bangladesh, the size of Illinois, has over 150 million people, making it one of the most densely populated nations in the world. It is also a country known for deep poverty and malnutrition. Yet, for PCC graduates Bryan* (’03) and Emily* (’03), physical needs were not what drew them to the country. Out of the millions of people who live in Bangladesh, less than one percent claims to be Christian, while approximately 87 percent follow Islam. The spiritual needs are great.

When Bryan and Emily heard someone speak about ministering as a surgeon in Southeast Asia, they couldn’t stop thinking about how they could use Bryan’s own pre-med degree. Since Bangladesh is a restricted-access country, foreigners need a vocational skill they can offer the people in order to move there legally; Bryan would meet this requirement with his medical training.

After talking with the speaker, Bryan decided to switch from an ear, nose, and throat residency at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to one in surgery and to visit the country of Bangladesh with his family. During this trip, he and Emily knew that God wanted them to return after he finished his residency.

In 2014, after raising support and gaining two years of experience as a surgeon, Bryan moved to the country with Emily and their five children. He now works at a hospital as a board-certified general surgeon. “My job involves using surgery as a means to share the Good News with the people of Bangladesh,” Bryan said. Because he is still learning Bengali, Bryan is working at the hospital part-time; he plans to transition to full-time work during the summer.

Bryan and Emily are confident in the ministry that God has called them to and hope to constantly follow God’s directing in their lives. Bryan said, “Serving through Christ-centered, compassionate health care shows the love of Christ and can open people’s hearts for receiving the gospel. Our current goal is to serve on the mission field until God leads us in a different direction.”

* Due to Bangladesh's restricted access, names have been changed.

Joel Simkus ’00
  • Master of Divinity: Pensacola Theological Seminary
  • Missionary, Mashamba Bible Baptist Church (South Africa)

“I currently serve at Mashamba Bible Baptist Church located in the village of Mashamba, Limpopo Province. Though I don’t have an official title, I serve in a sort of assistant pastor role. We have lived here for a little over a year now.”

“I love being able to teach God’s Word and His truth. There is nothing more rewarding than to see those that we have the privilege to minister to growing in their faith and in their knowledge of God’s Word. My heart would echo the Apostle John’s when he wrote: ‘I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.’ (3 John 1:4)”

“Every day is different. I like to refer to missionary life as a ‘kaleidoscopic’ experience. Some of my main activities include studying Tsonga so that we can communicate with the people in their mother tongue, visiting friends (some Muslim) to look for opportunities to share the Gospel, and leading a couple of Bible studies a week with the young people from our village and a neighboring village where we teach in English.”

“PCC’s program trained me to work hard and to focus on the task at hand. These lessons learned in college helped me greatly in seminary to focus on my studies, and they still help me today as life continues to have so many different distractions.”

“PCC taught me, above all, to follow the Lord’s leading—to die to my desires, hopes, and dreams and be willing to do whatever He wants. I will always be grateful for the preaching and instruction I heard at PCC because the Lord used these things to draw me to Himself.”

Brent George ’99

Brent George

  • M.A. in Bible Exposition: Pensacola Theological Seminary
  • Missionary to Romania

“The most rewarding part of the ministry is seeing people grow in their Christian walk. I love seeing when something clicks for someone, whether it’s when I am sharing the Gospel or teaching at one of the Bible institutes.”

“A typical weekday begins by teaching in the Bible institute for a couple of hours. I spend the rest of the morning studying and preparing for preaching, classes, Kids’ Clubs, or learning the Romanian language. In the afternoon, I take some of the Bible institute students to nearby villages to run Kids’ Clubs. On Friday evenings, we also have our midweek service, followed by late-night soccer with the teens. ”

“The biblical teaching and preaching at PCC went a long way toward preparing me for the ministry. I learned so much about God and His Word not only in classes, but also in chapel and Campus Church services, which helped me to grow in my spiritual life.”

“Practically speaking, PCC’s Christian Service opportunities were extremely helpful to my current ministry. I now run Kids’ Clubs in Romania, just like I did in Florida and Alabama.”

“My advice to students is this: as you sit through class after class, remember that it is not just a class—it is an opportunity to learn more about the Lord and grow closer to your Savior. Do not just aim for a grade, aim for knowledge and spiritual growth.”

Christopher Robertson ’99

Christopher Robertson

  • Missionary, Iglesia Bautista Libertad (Ixtlan Del Rio, Mexico)
  • M.S. in Educational Administration: Pensacola Christian College

“Our family has been serving the Lord in Mexico for over eight years. We started Iglesia Bautista Libertad (Liberty Baptist Church) in Ixtlan Del Rio and desire to start more churches in this area because there are no others within a 25-mile radius of us. We have since begun outreach in Jala, a neighboring town, with the goal of starting a church. The church in Ixtlan is now pastored by a national, giving us time with the new church plant.”

“My daily activities as a missionary include giving the Gospel by door-to-door visitation, passing out tracts, studying for preaching, and visiting church people. Some of the greatest joys we have are seeing the unsaved come to Jesus and giving the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a person who has never heard it before.”

“My training at PCC has undoubtedly helped me reach this part of Mexico with the Gospel. At PCC, I developed a burden and desire to reach people from the great preaching in chapel and Campus Church services, learned how to apply classroom knowledge of Bible and missions to my field, and gleaned knowledge from my godly professors to pass down to godly Mexican men who help us start more churches. God has mightily used the education I received from PCC, and I am very grateful for that.”

Bethany Thompson ’97


For most, becoming a missionary can seem like a daunting task. But for Bethany Thompson (BA ’97, MS ’99), the journey to full-time missions came about through following God daily. “God’s will is not a long-term plan, nor is it supposed to be a secret,” she said. “It’s a step-by-step daily journey of learning to wait on Him, obey His Word, and trust in His promises.”


After coming to Christ for salvation as a child, Bethany continued to follow God’s leading. Unbeknownst to her, even the little opportunites like taking a sign language class at her church or learning LIBRAS (Brazilian sign language) to communicate with a missionary’s deaf child would give her skills that she would need years later.


When she yielded her life to God at teen camp, Bethany sensed a desire for missions growing within her. Not long after, she arrived at PCC as a double major studying missions and elementary education.

While in college, Bethany immersed herself in ministry—she put her sign languages skills to use as she interpreted church services for the deaf. She volunteered in children’s ministries and summer camp, and even took a missions trip to Brazil. Here, God solidified that this was the country where she should serve long-term.

Brazil classroom

After graduation, Bethany taught second grade at Pensacola Christian Academy and pursued her master’s in educational administration. She had seen the great need in Brazil for strong leaders in Christian education to strengthen and equip local Christians to teach and lead schools in their own country.

The final steps in Bethany’s journey to the mission field included joining Baptist International Mission, Inc. (BIMI) and starting deputation. Today, nearly twenty years later, Bethany’s weekly schedule in Brazil makes her college days as a double major seem easy in comparison.

school gym

On any given day, she is writing curriculum, training teachers, counseling students and parents, teaching a class or observing a local teacher’s classroom, completing administrative tasks, or traveling to other cities to provide training in churches interested in starting a Christian school. On the weekends, she assists in children’s ministries and disciples deaf women.

Through it all though, Bethany can clearly see God’s faithfulness on display in her life giving her the strength to continue serving. “He continues to guide my steps,” she said. “Psalm 37:31 says, ‘The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.’ ”

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