Kimberly Edwards ’96; ’98 MA

Kimberly Edwards Speech

  • Speech Teacher/Coach, Bible Baptist Christian School (GA)
  • Author of Truth Acts: Ministering Through Drama

“I teach fundamentals of speech, direct play rehearsals, give both private and group speech lessons, and prepare students for speech competitions. In addition to teaching, I use drama to minister to ladies at conferences, banquets, and retreats. I love using my talents for the Lord, investing in students’ lives and encouraging them in their walk with Christ.”

“Every inch of my speech degree is being used! From the individual attention given in private lessons, to the performance opportunities in Sunday Reflections and Speech Repertoire, every opportunity prepared me for the field I am in today.”

“In addition to the speaking ministry I have, I also have a ministry through writing. Since my time at PCC, I’ve seen the need for good religious dramatic materials. So, out of that need, I began to write dramas for church services, chapels, and retreats. Through the encouragement of many co-workers over the years, I’ve put these scripts into book form. Truth Acts was published in 2008 and has already ministered to many all over the country.”

Darrin Crow ’94

Darrin Crow Speech

  • Education Coordinator, Ushers Ferry Historic Village (IA)

For over 10 years, Darrin has worked at Ushers Ferry Historic Village, a living history museum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “I create and teach educational and historic interpretation programs for visitors of all ages, and organize and produce a range of special events and theatrical programs,” he said. “I also engage visitors in demonstrations of blacksmithing, rope making, and other historic skills. Interacting with visitors calls on all the skills I learned in PCC’s Speech program.

“In high school, I enjoyed speech and drama and wanted to pursue it further, not knowing what I would do for a career. PCC’s Speech program couldn’t have prepared me any more perfectly for my career! The work I did in oral interpretation, storytelling, and dramatic production classes at PCC was exactly what I needed for my job—I continually use tools gained at PCC in my work.

“It’s easy for speech students to ask, ‘What am I supposed to do with a speech degree?’ My answer is, ‘Whatever God wants you to do.’ God has led me very clearly and given me an interesting, varied, and fulfilling career as a professional actor, teacher, and museum interpreter. There really are opportunities for speech students to make a living in the arts without compromising their standards or love for God. Beyond that, the ability to communicate well is a vital skill that can open doors in many career fields.”

Doris Ortiz Garcia ’85

DorisOrtizGarcia Speech

  • Compliance Resource Teacher, West Orange High School (FL)
  • Author of “As Many Children as the Stars”

“In addition to coordinating the school’s mentoring program, I am a Compliance Resource Teacher for the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program. Daily, I negotiate communications among students, parents, teachers, counselors, school and district administrators, and members of the community regarding all facets of the program.

“In addition to my work at West Orange High School, I have worked in the areas of public speaking, writing, and mentoring. Most of my public speaking engagements resulted from working with Governor Jeb Bush during his administration on teacher retention and recruitment and reading in Florida. For the past three years, I have also worked with the Florida legislators on ESOL reform. For over twenty years, I have supported home school families in Florida, and most recently I have used my speech training to assist in the campaign of my friend and candidate for U.S. Congress, Daniel Webster, who helped fashion the home school laws for the state of Florida. Additionally, I am a published author and I have written curriculum for schools and churches. With the recent publication of my first children’s book, ‘As Many Children as the Stars,’ I have again been able to return to my first love of performance through storytelling. Finally, I am the founder of One Child Enterprises, an organization that provides Mentor1Child programs to schools.”

“In my field, I am privileged to do what I love—to speak effectively! I spend my days communicating vital information as well as sharing life-changing messages regarding literacy and principles for successful living. I appreciate that my speech degree from PCC has enabled me to pursue a variety of interests and has truly equipped me ‘to analyze and adjust to every speaking situation.’

“In my current work, I am required to communicate information on a myriad of subjects to a diverse audience. I may be called upon to teach, conduct training, translate, and fulfill many public speaking engagements. The speech program at PCC exposed me to many disciplines of study: oral communications, oral interpretation performance, voice and diction, public speaking, teaching speech, costuming, make-up, scenic design, and dramatic production. PCC also introduced me to camera and sound engineering experience by working in numerous stage productions and with the Rejoice in the Lord telecast. At PCC, I acquired a spectrum of skills that have served me well in a variety of settings during my 25-year career.”

Caroline Soliz ’07

Caroline Soliz Speech

  • Dramatic Productions Coordinator/Teacher, Liberty Baptist Church/Academy (FL)

“I coordinate the drama aspects of our church’s Easter and Christmas cantatas along with any skits for youth group and chapel for the academy, such as cantatas, skits, children’s plays, and full-length plays for junior high and high school. I also teach introductory speech, debate, drama, theater criticism club, Spanish I and II, and sign language. The Lord led me to this position during recruitment at PCC. I had an interview during that week, and five weeks later, I took a survey trip to visit the school/church and knew immediately that this was where the Lord wanted me.”

“I love teaching the variety of the classes, helping young people use their talents for the Lord, and directing various types of productions. I also enjoy seeing students find their niche in drama and seeing drama used to lead the students’ parents to the Lord. There is truly nothing more rewarding than being able to train young people to use their talents for the glory of God.”

“Because of PCC’s speech program, I was more than adequately prepared for the tasks the Lord had in store for me. In addition to my private speech lessons, I also received great training through my experience in dramatic productions and Fine Arts series where I learned how to correctly give instruction and receive instruction with a positive attitude. I also learned how to work power tools in the Scene Shop and lights and sound in the Experimental Theater, to properly direct plays, and, most importantly, to work with all types of personalities in close settings.”

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