Proclaim Ministry Teams

The Proclaim Ministry Team is looking forward to the opportunity to visit your ministry!

The purpose of their visit is to serve and encourage your ministry, as well as share the benefits of the Christian education found at PCC. Because the program is an excellent outreach opportunity, we want to help you publicize the service and reach as many people as possible.

For your convenience, listed below are announcements that can be used in church bulletins, local newspapers, and radio and television ads. Since official letterhead receives more attention than plain paper, we recommend sending these announcements on your ministry’s letterhead stationery. Please be sure to check that the information is listed correctly.

The newspaper advertisements can be directed to the editor.

Concerning radio and television announcements, the program or news director of a radio or television station can generally be the most helpful in putting your announcement on the air. We suggest asking the station to air your announcement free of charge as a public service announcement. Since more than one person will be giving the announcement over a period of time, managers will appreciate getting several copies.

We know that Proclaim will be a blessing to all who attend your service. Thank you for giving us the privilege to be with you.

Dylan Araujo
Promotions Director

Team Photos

Proclaim Ministry Team

Team 1

Matt Teague
Austin & Holly Smith

Proclaim Ministry Team

Team 2

Manny & Abbie DeFord
Trevor Schumacher

Proclaim Ministry Team

Team 3

Jordan & Victoria Dodd
Jon & Whitney Rasmussen