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Rawson Lane Partial Closure Request

Pensacola Christian College has requested Escambia County to vacate a portion of Rawson Lane surrounded by the PCC campus. This will allow construction of a new residence hall to accommodate the College’s growing student population. It will also provide a safe and continuous pedestrian-friendly campus for nearly 6,000 students, faculty, and staff, as well as thousands of campus guests visiting annually.

Campus Development

Growing Student Body

The main campus west of Rawson Lane has served the College’s needs from its beginning in 1974 with only 100 students to nearly 4,900 students today. During that time, the property east of Rawson has housed service buildings but not primary facilities because of vehicular traffic. Now that growth trends show the need for more campus facilities, including a new residence hall, additional space is needed. The property east of Rawson Lane provides the ideal space for a residence hall to be placed in proximity to other campus amenities.

Student Safety

Responsible planning for residence hall safety must be accomplished. PCC wants to follow best practices for safety and security to provide assurance for students and their parents.

Rawson Lane

PCC’s current proposal will not close any roads into nearby neighborhoods, and Rawson Lane will remain open adjacent to neighborhood exits and all privately owned houses. Road closure is requested only where all adjacent property is completely owned by Pensacola Christian College.

Expensive Repairs Needed

Rawson Lane is in a deteriorating state with insufficient drainage and asphalt disrepair. It requires costly refurbishment for continued use.

Better Alternatives

Two blocks east of Rawson Lane is a newer thoroughfare between Airport Boulevard and Brent Lane, the double diamond connector adjacent to I-110, which has proven to be a better alternative because of road condition, drainage management, and traffic lights on each end.

Traffic studies have shown that the new double diamond thoroughfare is being used, and that usage continues to grow each year.

Benefits to Escambia County

Taxpayer Savings

Closing a portion of Rawson Lane would relieve Escambia County taxpayers of expensive repairs and updates to Rawson Lane as well as eliminate recurring road maintenance costs. That money can be invested elsewhere in the community.

Economic Growth

Not only will the closure save Escambia County residents money, but it will also support a direct investment of $45 million into the local economy as PCC provides jobs and income to the local construction industry to build the new residence hall. Escambia County businesses would see additional revenue from PCC’s growth as students and their families, additional faculty/staff, and campus guests who come to Escambia County patronize their businesses.

Promotion of Escambia County

Students come to Pensacola from all 50 states and over 60 foreign countries and territories, giving Escambia County increased exposure that leads to additional tourism, customers for area businesses, and new residents.

About Pensacola Christian College

PCC’s mission is to promote the cause of Christ by providing a distinctively Christian-traditional, liberal arts education that develops students spiritually, intellectually, morally, culturally, and socially. Founded in 1974, PCC has been at its current location in Escambia County for 42 years.

Pensacola Christian College requests that commissioners and residents recognize this request for its economic benefit to Escambia County, and for its practical and obvious benefit to students who choose to come to PCC for their college education.