Chapel Services

College chapel meets four times each week and is a source of spiritual exhortation and enrichment, vital to Christian growth. Each year, outstanding evangelists, pastors, and missionaries preach in chapel.

All full-time students are required to attend chapel. Part-time students and special students attend chapel on the days in which they have a class before noon.

After four years of college, there have been countless experiences that have changed my life. Of all these precious memories, however, the most valuable of them happened just this last March. I finally accepted Christ as my Savior. It took me until I was 21, not because salvation was too simple to trust or too difficult to understand, but rather because I had too many excuses to yield. That’s why I thank God that He continued to bring people into my life who challenged me through their words and testimonies. The sermons here were a challenge which never stopped touching my conscience. I graduate from PCC now, excited to “press on toward the mark,” growing in the Lord and sharing my newly embraced faith as I serve as a pianist on an evangelistic outreach team.” —Chris

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