Christian Service

Christian service outreach gives students numerous opportunities to serve Christ in the community while focusing on the needs and interests of others. During the Christian Service Expo held at the beginning of each semester, ministry leaders recruit new workers to help serve in a variety of ministries—Bible clubs, nursing homes, door-to-door visitation, puppetry, Juvenile Justice Center, Master Clubs, Campus Church, and more. Additionally, ministerial students serve in over 30 local churches and gain valuable training from godly, seasoned pastors.

These service opportunities help students reach the Pensacola area for Christ while providing practical experience in organizing programs, working with people, taking initiative, and following up after events. On average, nearly 900 students get involved in Christian service each week, and many see spiritual fruit in the lives of those they minister to. Additionally, during the past year, 136 students served in 33 countries on foreign missions trips. By applying the spiritual training received in class, church, and chapel, students develop a servant mindset and prepare for a life of Christian service and soulwinning wherever God leads them.

Graduate Perspectives

When I first came here, I did not anticipate the amazing ministry opportunity God was going to give me. I have been able to minister to the girls at the juvenile justice center for over two years. Through leading this ministry, God has taught me how every question and problem has an answer in the Bible. God has blessed this ministry, and allowed us to see many girls be saved and grow spiritually. God also blessed in allowing us to form a close relationship with the guards so we could not only pray with and for them but also witness to many of them. I thank God for this privilege to serve! —Rachel

One of the highlights of my college years was participating in a Bible club, a ministry of students reaching out to children in Pensacola. Each week our group would go out and lead children in songs, tell Bible stories, and play games. We were able to see children ask the Lord into their hearts and then help them grow in the Lord. Every smile, every wildflower picked for me, and every spiritual decision made for Christ brought to me such encouragement and blessing. It’s interesting how in the beginning I went out to minister to the children, and in the end I was the one that was ministered to. —Rebekah

I came in to college believing that there are no restraints to God’s working in and through our lives. I knew that if I would wholly commit myself, God would provide amazing privileges for me to serve Him. Through Christian service and leadership opportunities during the semester and summer work, God has done just that. I have had the privilege to lead many souls to Christ and provide as well as receive counsel and encouragement. These experiences have allowed me to experience the truth that our God can use anyone, at anytime, anywhere, anyway, and without any restraints. —Melody

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