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  • Hometown: Bradenton, Florida
  • Year graduated: 2015 Undergraduate, 2018 Graduate
  • Major: History Education, Master of Business Administration
  • Favorite food: Burgers
  • Favorite place on campus and reason why: My favorite place on campus is Eagle Field. I am the goalkeeper coach for the Eagles, and Eagle Field is where the Eagles soccer team trains and plays throughout the year.
  • Favorite Bible verse: Philippians 4:13—“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
  • Hobbies/interests: Watching sports and collecting sports memorabilia
  • Sports I like to play: Soccer, basketball, baseball, football, volleyball…all sports. Soccer is my favorite sport to play.
  • What attracted me to PCC: I heard about PCC from friends that attended the College. I visited PCC my senior year of high school, and that solidified that God was calling me to attend PCC.
  • Advice for future students: The importance of prayer life cannot be emphasized enough. God can provide awesome opportunities for you, but you need to consistently go to Him for everything. We need His strength to fulfill His calling for our lives.
  • One person I would like to meet and why: I would like to meet Peyton Manning one day. He is my all-time favorite athlete.
  • Favorite class in college: Strategic Organizational Leadership
  • Best PCC memory: When I met my future wife for the first time
  • I spend my free time: Watching soccer
  • Most unique place I’ve traveled: Alberta, Canada
  • People would be surprised to know that I… can do imitations of several famous people.
  • Favorite PCC tradition: Eagle Mania
  • Favorite quotation: “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”
    —Abraham Lincoln
  • Ideal/favorite vacation spot: Orlando, Florida
  • Things I can’t live without: God, my wife, and my family
  • Fun fact: I have collected 800 Peyton Manning sports cards.

I wanted to attend PCC since I was in the early years of my high school career. My family and I prayed about my decision to attend PCC, and I applied to the college my senior year of high school. I met my future wife at PCC and completed two degrees while attending. While in my first year of my master's degree, I became an Assistant Coach with the Eagles soccer team, and God has blessed me over the past few years by allowing me to have my dream job of coaching soccer.

I am excited for the opportunity to also be an admissions counselor to help prospective students take the next step of serving Christ in their field of study. If you have any questions about PCC, I am more than happy to help.