Getting Ready For Arrival

Ready for Arrival

You’re packing for your first year of college, checking items off your list and stuffing them wherever they fit. But like most incoming students, you may still have questions: Am I forgetting anything? Am I really ready for college? What will I do when I get there?

We’ve all had those questions. The good news is that we have college-life experts right here on campus to give you answers. These experts are students who have experienced their first year and are thrilled to tell about it on the Campus Post blog.

Click on the Campus Post links below to read what students say about these topics:

First year
Making Memories
No Reason to Worry
6 Steps to be a Bad (Better) Roommate
The List (of things you never knew you’d need for college)

The Class That Doesn’t Matter
It Is Up to You!

Fun and Friends
Make It a Double
Fun Times Ahead

Work on campus
Work and Play
Deskworker or Doorkeeper?
Graduate Debt Free

Greek Rush—What It’s All About
Stand for Your Greek Army!
PCC’s Very Own Once-a-year Carnival

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Published 8/15/2012