Students Help Make a Holiday for Heroes

“Want to write a Christmas card for a soldier?” asked Student Body chaplain Vinny Lieb, calling to students near his table in the Commons. A sign beside the table read, “Help make a holiday for heroes.”

This project held a special meaning for Vinny, who had planned to join the Marines after high school but instead felt the Lord leading him to PCC. “I still have a burden to possibly go into military evangelism later,” he said. But Vinny started his military outreach early by encouraging students to write notes of thanks and encouragement to those serving on America’s frontlines.

On red and green construction paper, students wrote their first names, hometowns, and a message on the inside.

“Decorate it with glitter or snowflakes or whatever,” Vinny encouraged one student of the many who participated the week after Thanksgiving.

At his suggestion, Tori Faulkner (Fr., GA.) drew an elaborate Christmas tree on her card, wanting it to be as special as possible. “I’ve seen the negative effect that being in combat can have on a soldier,” she said. “I hope that the card I send encourages the soldier who receives it.”

Student Life collected the cards and sent them to a nonprofit organization to be distributed. At final count, over 500 students wrote Christmas cards. Pleased with the turnout, Vinny said, “These soldiers don’t have much of a Christmas. We want them to feel remembered.”

Published 12/17/2012