Liberty Voices Performance Lifts Patriotic Spirit

For the first Fine Arts of the semester, PCC welcomed the nationally acclaimed a cappella group Liberty Voices. Their sensational performance, covering 200 years of American music and history, elicited resounding applause throughout the evening.

The eight-part singing group blended their voices in celebration of America’s heritage with songs including “This Land Is Your Land,” “God Bless the USA,” “Shenandoah,” and many more, giving historical backgrounds for many of the songs.  They also congratulated Dr. Troy Shoemaker on becoming PCC’s second president, as the concert marked the beginning of Inauguration Week activities.

For the well-loved song “Fifty Nifty United States,” the group requested cheers for each home state.  As each was announced, cheers carried across the Crowne Centre for all fifty states, including several for Wyoming.  The Liberty Voices humorously related that never before in their 30 years of performing “Fifty Nifty” had they encountered anyone from Wyoming.

Additionally, the Symphonic Band and PCCymphony orchestra performed patriotic and classical pieces between sets by Liberty Voices.

Composed of former and current members from Disney’s Epcot, Liberty Voices has performed in a variety of parades, on national television, and before five United States presidents.

Published 10/17/2012