Residence hall rooms are like bags of trail mix, full of individual flavors that, when combined, create an entirely new experience.

Just as trail mix offers various personalities—the popular peanut, the dry raisin, the sweet chocolate—at PCC, you’ll have roommates with various backgrounds, personalities, and preferences. Each will contribute to your academic, social, and spiritual growth. As you settle into a new routine, upperclassmen roommates can acquaint you with campus, take you to meals, and answer questions you’ll have as a new student.

For many students, roommates become some of their closest friends and provide some of their fondest memories. Sharing burdens, relaxing after classes, and praying together, roommates often form tight bonds on both spiritual and social levels.

Jonathan Bryant

“For a college student, roommates can be an unexpected gift. As a freshman, they can also be a necessary one,” Jonathan Bryant (’12 grad) said. “When I arrived at PCC, I knew no one. My roommates were my first friends, happily taking me with them to meals and trips off campus. They also played a large role in developing my college study habits. Through their example of consistent study, followed by periods of relaxation and humor, I was able to see how college life could be educational while still being fun. I am thankful for how God provided me with wonderful roommates that set the tone for my entire college experience.”

Roommates are a treat to bring variety and fun to your college experience. You can get more tips on being a good roommate by checking out the PCC blog. If you have any questions, feel free to contact an admissions counselor.

Published 7/20/2012