What to Expect: Classes

Since education is an investment, you expect that investment to yield profit for your future. PCC strives to make students successful investors by setting a high standard for quality education.

Teachers at PCC dedicate themselves to helping students succeed academically and spiritually, infusing classes with knowledge and experience. More than just presenters of information, your teachers are ready resources for you to glean from, inside and outside the classroom.

Lynlee Burns

“I love the teachers here at PCC. They strive to help students and have been a wonderful source of encouragement just by the example they have set,” Lynlee Burns (’11 grad) said. “They have made my college experience a wonderful one, and their influence will last a lifetime.”

As a liberal arts college, PCC offers classes to complement your program of study, acquainting you with a wide variety of learning opportunities. Every classroom experience allows you to develop professionalism, social skills, teamwork, and presentation, regardless of your major.

“Every class you take has a purpose,” Chris wrote on the Campus Post blog. “There's so much valuable information in these classes that I’ll be using for the rest of my life. These classes can become relevant to any area of study you choose. Take advantage of them!”

For more from students about faculty and classes at PCC, click here to finish reading Chris’s blog or contact an admissions counselor for more information.

Published 7/27/2012