What to Expect: Spiritual Life

You probably chose a Christian college because your spiritual growth matters as much as your academic development. That choice has put you on a road with many possibilities.

With weekly chapel, church services, and evening prayer groups, you’ll have scheduled times for worship, Bible study, and prayer. But much spiritual growth results from personal initiative, so PCC provides many opportunities for you to strengthen your faith individually.

At the beginning of each semester, the Christian Service Expo can help you find a ministry where you feel most able to serve. Dozens of leaders hand out materials explaining their areas of service, including Bible clubs, door-to-door witnessing, and nursing home visitation to name a few.

If you’ve served in church ministries before, you may prefer Campus Church positions. Sunday school, Master Clubs, choir, and orchestra give you many opportunities for both hands-on and behind-the-scenes service to the Lord.

Of all the choices you make, your relationships could have the most lasting effects on your spiritual life. Whether in classes, residence halls, or collegians, you’ll develop lasting friendships that encourage you in the Lord and nurture your spiritual walk.

“One of the things I enjoy most about PCC is the variety of opportunities to serve in off-campus ministries,” April, an education major, said in her Campus Post blog. “Throughout the past few years, I have sung at nursing homes, witnessed on door-to-door, and taught in Bible Clubs. Use this semester as an opportunity to get involved and pursue the heart of Christ in a practical way. You will never regret making Christian service a part of your college days.”

To learn more about spiritual life at PCC, read more on the Campus Post blog or contact an admissions counselor.

Published 8/15/2012