Canadian Brass Combined Comedy and Classics

Marching in from the back of the Crowne Centre playing a medley of Christian hymns on 24-karat gold plated instruments, Canadian Brass won the audience over immediately. Their avante-garde style pairing simple comedy with classical music immersed the audience in a world only Canadian Brass could create. Their concert included the great classics of Brahms, Mozart, Bach, and Schumann, combining the genius of the masters with creative arrangements for brass. A few of the pieces were Fantasy and Fugue, Killer Tango, selections from Carnaval, and even The Flight of the Bumblebee.

The highlight of the evening was Canadian Brass’s comic abridged (and heavily modified) rendition of the opera Carmen. While playing a suite from Carmen, they pantomimed the plot; each player donned a headpiece representing a character in the opera: Carmen’s wig, a matador’s hat, and—the character created especially for this rendition—the bull’s horns. Truly, Canadian Brass deserves its world renown for bringing together the classic and comedic so skillfully.

Published 10/11/2013