CPR Classes Enhance Skills

CPR First Aid class

Each summer, many students take missions trips or work as camp counselors and lifeguards. Often, students need CPR or first-aid training to work in these fields. By offering lifeguard, CPR, and first-aid training, PCC helps make students ready for summer jobs or ministry.

Teaching students basic CPR and first-aid skills prepares students for the unexpected. According to Dr. Gaylen Waters, co-chair of the education department, “Many students enrolled in the American Red Cross classes we teach on campus have used the training in emergency situations here and at home.”

In class, students learn proper CPR techniques, procedures to follow when a person is choking, and methods for rescue breathing. These lessons, in addition to many others, equip students to use their skills over the summer and beyond.

Once students take the initial classes, they can also renew their certification every two years at a low cost on campus. By keeping their training current, they are prepared for opportunities to serve the Lord.

Published 3/18/2013