Jaffé Family Players Bring “Family” Center Stage

PCC Artist in Residence Daisy de Luca Jaffé reunited with her family of world-class musicians from South America and Europe in the first Jaffé Family Players performance since her husband, Dr. Alberto Jaffé, passed away last year. This special concert, in which Mrs. Jaffé performed with her children (Claudio, Marcelo, and Renata) and their families, was marked by joy and affection.

The family performed against the backdrop of a stunning keyboard stage design complete with keys that changed colors to match the mood of each arrangement. Members of the family took turns at the microphone, introducing each selection and its connection to the Jaffé family history. Seeing the family lovingly embrace throughout the performance and joke with one another made the audience feel as if they were present at a family reunion.

Their outstanding performance was evidenced by the audience’s two standing ovations. For the final encore, the Jaffés performed a rousing rendition of “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” accenting the exceptional talents of fifteen-year-old Leonardo, Mrs. Jaffé’s grandson. At the close of the concert, Mrs. Jaffé kissed her grandchildren; joining hands, the Jaffé family took their final bow.

Published 3/4/2013