Making Memories on Members-Only Outings

Men's OutingsAlthough college life requires hard work and diligence, not everything at PCC involves books and studying. Extracurricular activities provide pleasant distractions, and the collegian members-only outings are particularly memorable.

Collegian vice presidents choose enjoyable, affordable outing options such as Sam’s Fun City amusement park, dolphin cruises, paintball courses, go-kart tracks, laser tag, ice hockey or baseball games, West Campus, or Camp o’ the Pines.

Each outing includes a meal—usually pizza, a local buffet, or delicious food catered by PCC’s Special Events staff. Collegian members are ready to go after signing up and paying a small fee.

Collegians alternate semesters in taking their members-only outings; the men in the spring and the women in the fall.

Girl's OutingsDepending on the outing, collegians spend either a late night out on Friday or several hours on Saturday, with a faculty or staff member joining them.

For a few hours, students can forget about classes and spend time fellowshipping with others in their collegian. “These outings are important because they are a chance for new members to make friendships that will last a lifetime,” said Jake Resil, vice president of the Pi Rho Delta Titans. For their outing this semester, Jake is planning to take the Titans to a go-kart track. “The members of our collegian can’t wait for this.”

Whatever the outing, students return to campus with memories they won’t soon forget. Read more about the fun on the Campus Post.

Published 3/8/2013