Ready, Aim…Paint?

Splattering paint all over fellow college students doesn’t sound like typical college recreation. But during the spring paintball tournament at PCC’s paintball field, men’s and women’s collegians get to do just that, while at the same time earning points for their collegian.

Student Paint Ball

Collegians are awarded points for victorious games of friendly rivalry in soccer, tennis, basketball, and many other sports throughout the year. Whichever collegian has the most points at the close of the tournament will win the coveted sports trophy, adding to their chances of earning the Collegian of the Year title. This past year the collegian winners were the Zeta Chi Delta Falcons for the men and the Zeta Kappa Rho Generals for the women.

Students also enjoy paintball each semester on members-only outings. As the paint flies and students have fun with friends, they create memories more valuable than a collegian trophy.

Published 4/1/2013