Fine Arts Series Rallied Support

The Girls in 509, directed by Mr. Daniel Webb and performed by PCC students, faculty, and staff, presented a politically-based comical satire. Wealthy Aunt Hettie and her niece Mimsy have holed themselves in a hotel room after FDR’s 1932 election, assuming the world would end under his leadership. Their residence serves as their protection from the outside world, complete with a few of the girls’ favorite comforts: a hideous half-finished quilt and pictures of their favorite presidents. In the middle of the room hidden under a rug is their ultimate security system—a zebra trap that is very good at catching men. Finally emerging after 25 years, the girls find themselves battling the press, public welfare, and leaders from both political parties greedy for their financial support. As the girls in 509 face a world they tried to forget, they realize how little it has changed.

Politics aside, this quick-witted comedy won unanimous applause from all parties.

Published 12/6/2013