Art and Design on Display

“PCC’s Louvre” is the Visual and Performing Arts building (VPA)—a museum of the work of graphic design and studio art students.

Each semester, senior graphic design and studio art students show the best of their work along with a portfolio, all artfully displayed in an exhibit. Guests and students wandering by can peruse the exhibit, take business cards, and sign guest books.

Classes such as Studio Art Portfolio and Graphic Design Portfolio help students get ready for the show, create an artistic identity, and formulate their goals. But much of the art shows are constructed in the students’ own time, outside of class.

Maddy Reimer

Maddy Reimer (MN), a graduating graphic design major, enjoyed building her exhibit featuring gold origami strung within black picture frames. “I found inspiration from combining the natural feel of the organic with geometric shapes,” she said.

Her black portfolio looks clean and simple, but inside, the T-shirt and vehicle wrap designs, the magazine ads, stationery, brochures, posters, and photography reveal the work she’s compiled through the years.

Putting the show together has helped her gain experience, establish a personal identity as a designer, and formulate and polish her portfolio and résumé. “The preparation and production of the show have given me design experience and have equipped me with materials to present to future employers,” she said.

The studio art exhibit differs from the graphic design exhibit. In addition to displaying their portfolio, studio artists hang their work on glass partitions for viewers to admire.

Andy Gwynn

Senior Andy Gwynn (OH) featured photography as well as oil, digital, and acrylic artwork in his show. But his favorite part was his video showing the process that two artists go through to produce their projects. The video features two alumni producing their artwork; one is a professional studio painter, and the other is a graduate student at PCC. “I wanted to communicate the passion and the excitement that people have for doing what they love,” Andy said.

Andy exemplified this passion in the making of his video, as well as the other pieces for the exhibit. “All the materials we’ve had to design will easily transfer to starting a business and marketing,” he said. “It has jump started my career and given me a good starting point.”

For his exhibit, senior Andy Gwynn made this video featuring two PCC alumni, one a professional artist and the other a graduate student at PCC.

Published 5/2/2012