Career Services Provides Employment Opportunities

Each year PCC provides a variety of channels for graduating seniors and alumni to find employment. For over 30 years, PCC has hosted Educator Recruitment so that education majors can connect with schools and ministries that are seeking to fill positions. Representatives from over 50 Christian schools and churches connect with PCC seniors and graduate students at the 2-day event.

The Career Services website is another outlet available to both seniors and alumni. Through the website, organizations can connect with potential employees, while PCC seniors and graduates can peruse the list of organizations seeking to fill necessary positions. Many of the organizations on Career Services also attend events on campus such as the Career Fair and recruiting sessions in the Commons Display Room to meet students individually.

In fact, organizations meeting students personally is what made PCC’s first Career Fair so successful. Representatives from the US Secret Service, US Navy Officers Program, Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, Houston Police Department, and other organizations attended the Career Fair. They were seeking chaplains, mechanical engineers, IT directors, firefighters, police officers, and a wide variety of other positions. The diverse majors who attended the fair gave the recruiters plenty of choices.

Recently, a senator from Maine came to PCC to fill several job openings. He met students in the Display Room and filled every position before leaving campus! He made the trip because he wanted to hire people he knew he could depend on, and PCC graduates have never let him down.

Opportunities like the Career Fair and individual recruiting in the Display Room help employers put a face with a name. To take part in next year’s events or be listed on the Career Services website, contact CareerServices*pcci|edu.

Published 3/10/2014