Field House Mall Transformation

Over the summer, the Field House Mall received a makeover and a new name. In the past, the hallway was just that—a pass-through to somewhere else. Now, the new Collegian Hall is a destination of its own with a special message for PCC’s collegians: teamwork accomplishes much.

With boldly colored murals, sleek bench seating, and swirling tan carpet, the space has been reinvigorated. Scripted banners announce “Show Your Colors” and “Teamwork,” echoing the unified idea of the collegians through Christian service, sports, and activities. On the far end of the hallway are three murals from the collegians that won the 2014 Wall Mural Contest in the Commons. Across the hallway is a glass case showcasing awards and trophies from previous years.

Each collegian’s mascot, Greek letters, and name are represented on a transparent acrylic plaque so that when students walk down the hallway, they can feel a sense of pride about their collegian.

Published 12/08/2014