New Digital Media Minor

In this increasingly digital world, college graduates may enter a career or ministry that requires an ability to communicate effectively using a variety of media. To meet the needs of a growing number of students, this fall PCC introduced digital media as a minor, broad field, and youth ministries emphasis.

“Students are taught how to use various software applications to create content for print and electronic media, the Internet, and audio and video productions,” said Shawn Thayer, Chair of Visual Arts.

Recently, many PCC graduates with degrees in Bible, missions, and youth ministries have expressed a need for further knowledge in digital media. “[They] are being asked to help create content to meet the communication needs of various church and ministry organizations, and [these programs] will prepare them to do so,” Thayer said. Then he added, “But anyone interested in using creative software in his local church ministry or as an element of their fieldwork will find this program very helpful.”

These programs include classes such as Introduction to the Mass Media, Principles of Digital Multimedia Production, Media Studio Production, and Web Programming for the Designer. In each class, students learn from experienced faculty using state-of-the-art facilities and industry-standard software and hardware.

Twenty-one students have already started the program, and the visual arts department is expecting the number to grow quickly. For more information, see the full set of digital media courses.

Published 10/8/2014