Better by Design

Because of its integration with technology, graphic design is an ever-evolving industry. The graphic design field no longer dwells merely in Photoshop® images or Illustrator® artwork but has converged with multimedia to add moving graphics, sound, and animation. Increasingly, a career in graphic design requires knowledge of video and motion graphics.

Though the graphic design program already provides training in a broad range of design skills, PCC has enhanced its graphic design program by adding two video classes to better prepare students for the future.

Principles of Digital Multimedia Technology, AR 323, teaches students to use video cameras, microphones, and lights, along with video and audio editing using programs such as Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Digital Multimedia Production, AR 324, delves into more advanced skills in composing and motion graphics while allowing students to produce media content, animate graphics, and work in 3-D space.

Instructor Chad Morehead suggests that with skills learned in these classes, students will be prepared to create dynamic video and motion graphic presentations for a variety of applications such as websites, social media, e-books, digital signage, kiosks, public events, and even broadcast television.

Both classes will help graphic design students stay competitive in the design field by teaching them skills that many companies seek, making graduates more valuable employees.

Because students take the classes in their junior year, they will be able to use this knowledge in the portfolio they develop their senior year to present to potential employers. Ben Mellor (Jr.) says, “I can use my knowledge to add a new element to my portfolio and senior show to set myself apart from others in the job market.”

As the graphic design field advances to keep pace with technology, PCC will continue to enhance its design program to send the most capable Christian designers into the field.

Published 3/3/2014