Redeeming the Time during Missions Run

After the success of last year’s “Making a Difference” run, Student Body officers made the easy decision to organize another Midnight Missions Run— “Redeeming the Time.”

But this wasn’t just another Missions Run. Three hundred more runners than last year came out to participate. Last year’s winning runner beat his time by over a minute. Students raised $7,000 more than last year. And then there were the fireworks.

Wearing “Redeeming the Time” T-shirts and glow-stick necklaces, over 3,400 students, faculty, and staff stood ready to run the 5K course around campus. But before they heard the starting signal, the sky lit up with fireworks—the first ever on campus—launching a night of fun for a great cause. Runners pounded their way around campus, lighting the way with their glow sticks and cheers. President Shoemaker showed up to support the effort, along with two representatives from the Bearing Precious Seed ministries.

The winners were Alan Fitzer (16:50), David Haynes (17:49), and Josh Keller (17:50) for the men and Victoria Little (20:52), Hannah Racicot (21:37), and Cassie Dix (23:48) for the women. These students won medals and also enjoyed a luncheon with President and Mrs. Shoemaker.

But the real reward was the $40,000 that went to Bearing Precious Seed ministries to distribute Bibles and other gospel literature to the lost.

“The Missions Run was not only a chance to spread the gospel around the world, but also an opportunity to be a part of something that is bigger than all of us,” Gordon Badgett (Sr., NC), Student Body pianist said. “As college students who are constantly preparing for our futures, it is good for all of us to take time in the semester to give to others.”

Published 5/7/2014