Collegians Brush with Success

After President Shoemaker’s challenge for collegians to submit their designs for three murals to cover the Commons temporary construction walls, students enthusiastically created artwork to represent PCC’s spirit and praise to the Lord for all He has done on campus. The contest winners were Alpha Theta Rho Rockets’ Shauna Kaiser, Theta Mu Rho Chargers’ Elizabeth Brownell, and Sigma Delta Rho Mustangs’ Emily Calise. All three collegians were given a late-night party to paint the murals on the Commons walls.

Each mural had a fun twist that would appeal to the student body but also bring glory to God. The Rockets “The Eagle’s Challenge” dared students to pledge commitment to the Lord by signing their names on a painted scroll clutched in the talons of an eagle. After the last brush stroke, collegian members lined up to sign the pledge, asking Shauna Kaiser to sign first. The Chargers “Grow in Grace” handprint tree showed the unity of the student body. Even Dr. and Mrs. Shoemaker joined the fun, placing their handprints within the oak tree. The Mustangs tapped into the many countries represented here at PCC, showing the flags of twelve nations, including the United States, in student silhouettes and challenging students to “Join In” sharing the gospel.

At midnight the collegians enjoyed pizza, funnel cake sticks, chips, and soda in the Palms with Dr. and Mrs. Shoemaker. Snapping pictures, doling out bags of chips, and helping paint murals, the Shoemakers enjoyed spending time with the students until well after midnight, though the work on the murals lasted until early morning. Now that they are finished, everyone can enjoy the murals until the new Commons is completed this summer.

Published 3/5/2014