New Academic Tools in Business and Engineering Departments

Could anyone have ever anticipated the day business proposals would be presented on touchscreen, and printers would transform manufacturing by creating 3-dimensional parts?

PCC is leading engineering and business students to embrace and master such technology to better solve tomorrow’s problems. That’s why the Business Department acquired a Mondopad touchscreen, and the Engineering Department obtained two MakerBot 3D printers.

The Mondopad is a 55-inch tablet with touchscreen capabilities that allows faculty and students to collaborate and interact in much the same way they would in the business world. The Mondopad lets faculty embed video, take screen captures, and conduct video-conferencing with a few touches of the screen. Faculty will be able to better interact with websites while annotating key features and components of those websites, further illustrating important concepts. Dr. Donna Marion, chair of the business department, said, “We want our students to be well trained in technologies they will be using in the workforce. The Mondopad helps students practice collaboration and interactivity, which are key components of the business environment today.”

The MakerBot 3D printers have a special printing head that moves left to right and front to back while depositing plastic layers of the part onto a build platform; when the printer is finished, engineering students will have a 3-dimensional prototype. Dr. Joel Porcher, chair of the engineering department, said, “These printers will help students improve their design and conceptualization skills because students will be able to design small parts with computer software and then use the printers to manufacture those parts.” The possibilities with the 3D printers are endless as students implement the latest technology in their quest to solve problems.

Tools like the Mondopad and 3D printers will better equip students for promising and successful careers, following in the footsteps of graduates excelling with companies like Fidelity Investments, Electrolux, Shell Oil, and NASA.

Published 9/26/2014