New Commons Now Open

The weeks preceding Tuesday’s official opening were filled with a flurry of activity as walls were painted, floors polished, and chairs and tables placed. With the final details completed, the Commons welcomed wide-eyed students, staff, and guests into the new, beautifully designed space. Those familiar with the original Commons and the transformation over the past year admired the contrasts between the two.

Seeing President Shoemaker’s pictures of the renovations on Twitter, Andy Perrigo (’92 grad) tweeted, “@PresidentPCC And I thought what we had in our day was nice….” Clark Berryman (’09 grad) tweeted, “That is awesome. You are making me wish I were a student again.” Other alumni and friends of the ministry also tweeted their amazement at new features like the fireplace and central staircase.

On opening morning, the Common Grounds Café received a steady stream of faculty, staff, students, and guests wanting to try gourmet treats and the popular “Mullenix Mocha,” named in honor of PCC’s vice president.

“I’m thanking God for this beautiful place for students,” said Dr. Shoemaker. “I can’t wait for the student body to come back!”

Published 7/25/2014