Performing Arts Expands

Hearing masterpieces from great composers and playwrights unites us with a rich history of truth and beauty, but those performances are most effective when the performers have received comprehensive training and gained thorough experience. That’s why PCC’s performing arts department is constantly improving their programs with new classes and state-of-the-art facilities and technology.

“PCC’s performing arts department is distinct because we are committed to training students for three specific areas—education, ministry, and performance,” said Dr. Amy Bombard, Dean of Visual and Performing Arts. “Students gain practical knowledge, personal instruction, and experience in all areas of music and theatrical performance.”

Experience is what sets PCC’s programs apart from many other Christian performance programs. “Students participate in major productions every semester,” said Dr. Charlene Monk, who’s taught performance studies classes and directed plays at PCC for 36 years. “They get to put into practice what they’re learning in the classroom.”

Now performance studies majors are gaining even more experience with several new electives, including classes in scriptwriting, stage movement, and stagecraft.

Music majors also enjoy many opportunities to improve their skills and apply classroom knowledge to the stage, performing every semester in choral groups, instrumental ensembles, PCCymphony, Symphonic Band, and Fine Arts operas and operettas. Like the performance studies majors, music students also enjoy a vast variety of electives, along with eight semesters of private instruction.

Students have ample space to hone their skills and gain experience in PCC’s state-of-the-art facilities. With the 140-seat Recital Hall, Experimental Theater, beautifully renovated Mullenix Chapel, and 3,500-seat Dale Horton Auditorium, musicians and actors never lack a stage or an audience.

Throughout the programs, students learn a Christian philosophy of music and performance from experienced faculty who are committed to teaching the academics and artistry necessary for success. Each faculty member is constantly improving his repertoire, some playing across Europe each summer, performing in Carnegie Hall, and participating in various performance venues throughout the year.

With this well-rounded education, graduates of the programs are prepared for graduate studies and many career opportunities in ministry, academics, and performance.

Published 10/15/2014