Sunday Reflections Mirrors God’s Provision

Since the fall of 1974, PCC students have gathered for a special service on a Sunday afternoon a few times each semester to focus on God through sacred and classical music and drama selections. The Vespers program, initiated by PCC’s founders, helped students draw closer to the Lord while providing an enjoyable appreciation for music and drama.

This fall marks a transformation of Vespers to Sunday Reflections. The new form combines sacred music and speech selections with a short devotional and congregational singing to help both students and Campus Church members ponder God’s awe-inspiring attributes. Two evening services in the Dale Horton Auditorium allow viewers to block out the cares of this world and focus solely on God.

The first Sunday Reflections focused on the idea that God is our oasis. Pastor McBride said this Sunday Reflections was to remind us that “God’s goodness covers so much ground. He is our water. He sustains us.” The audience enjoyed musical arrangements on handbells, piano, clarinet, and horn; dramatic interpretations; and vocal ensembles. Works like “Lord, You Have Been Our Dwelling Place,” “Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us,” and “Come Thou Fount” reminded the audience to reflect on God as our living water. At the close of Sunday Reflections, Pastor McBride said, “Not only do we reflect on God’s goodness, we reflect Him.”

Published 10/15/2014