PCC Students Donate Blood to Save Lives

Each semester, students have the opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives by donating at the annual blood drive. For over 13 years, OneBlood has hosted a blood drive at PCC, making it easy for students to donate on campus. “The blood drive was an awesome experience,” said Josh Berlin (TN), a sophomore management major. “I found great satisfaction in being able to give blood to people in need while doing something together with my friends.”

Over the course of three days, 925 students made their way to the Big Red Bus and donated a total of 764 units of blood. Dustin McElreath, student activities coordinator, said, “PCC’s is the largest blood drive for OneBlood in the region. This drive alone has the potential to save over 2,000 people. That is a difference!”

Published 04/03/2015