Christian Service Leaders Received Award

Christian Service Leaders For many students, Sunday afternoons are a time to relax or catch up on homework; however, for others, these few hours mean an opportunity to serve. Forgoing naps or studying, these students participate in one of PCC’s Christian Services. This past semester, Cristina Lott (TX) and Sarah Jane Jaberina (CA), both junior nursing majors, not only led a Christian Service but also received a community award for doing so.

Christian Service opportunities at PCC range from Bible clubs to door-to-door visitation and include ministries with the Juvenile Justice Center and the Florida Baptist Children’s Home. One of the most common Christian Services is to nursing homes and assisted living homes; this was the type of Christian Service Cristina and Sarah Jane led together.

Each Sunday, Cristina and Sarah Jane would meet in the lobby of their residence hall with the other girls in their Christian Service group. After a few minutes of catching up on each other’s week, they would pray and head to one of Pensacola’s Covenant Hospice facilities. Once at the home, the girls would talk to and pray with the residents and sing. Workers at these facilities enjoyed listening to the music as well, happy to see their patients getting some much-needed love and attention.

Sarah Jane said, “Singing isn't the only way we minister to patients and families. I can think of many instances in which we cried, held, and heard the stories of these patients. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are sometimes able to share the gospel with the patients or family members.”

This past year, in recognition of the girls’ service, Covenant Hospice in Pensacola awarded Cristina and Sarah Jane the Community Partner of the Year award at the Covenant Hospice’s Volunteer Banquet on April 12.

Cristina said, “During the awards ceremony, we were given a diploma as the Community Partner of the Year. Then the coordinator shared what a blessing we were. I was not aware the extent of influence we had in Covenant Hospice. The award was nice, but a greater reward is to minister to the patients every week.”

Published 5/20/2015