Trying Out College

College Days Promotion

Everyone has favorite traditions that they look forward to each holiday season. Whether it’s grandma’s creamy pumpkin pie or a high-spirited game of football with the family, these special moments bind them together, creating sweet memories.

Each Thanksgiving holiday, the PCC family comes together for an event-filled weekend filled with some of the College’s best-loved traditions like the morning Praise Service, a Fine Arts production, and of course, the Turkey Bowl, where thousands of students, faculty, and guests flood College Field to watch two men’s collegian soccer teams face off in the championship game.

During College Days, November 25–28, high school students are invited to join these festivities while staying in the residence halls and experiencing almost every aspect of college life. They will be able to enjoy meals in the school’s two dining halls, attend chapel, spend time in the Sports Center, or enjoy a latte at the Common Ground Café. On Friday after Thanksgiving, they’ll be able to sit in on classes of their choice, considering how they can further their education at PCC.

Clay Cox (MI), a sophomore pastoral major, says that College Days made all the difference in his decision of where to attend college. “It increased my prayer time, that’s for sure. I didn’t really think it was going to happen—that I was going to be here, but I actually started to sincerely pray about it after College Days.”

Published 10/06/2015