Gifted Pianist and Innovative Chamber Ensemble Perform at PCC

He held the audience enthralled as his fingers danced across the piano keys during pieces like The Flight of the Bumblebee and Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. This was no ordinary musician—nor was it an ordinary concert for that matter.

Last week’s Fine Arts, Autumn Winds and Classical Keys, opened with a delightful performance by Decoda, an innovative chamber ensemble based out of New York City. Five wind players and a pianist blended their instruments together to create an enchanting musical experience. One of their pieces, Sextet for Piano and Winds, depicted the harmony that can be found in the chaos of city life.

After a short intermission, the lights dimmed and Master of Ceremonies Nick Ryan gave a special announcement about the next performer: the pianist discovered the depth of his God-given musical talent after winning a competition at age ten—just four years ago. More recently he had won an international piano competition, recorded an album, and raised over $30,000 for a children’s hospital. The crowd erupted in applause as fourteen-year-old Noah Waddell came on stage.

Displaying impressive musical interpretation, Noah sat down at the piano and effortlessly played an array of classical pieces. In a live interview with Ryan during the evening, Noah shared his musical journey, revealing that he had started piano lessons on a whim at the age of 7.

At the conclusion of the evening, one thing was certain: the audience would not soon forget this fall’s first Fine Arts Series concert.

Published 10/19/2015