Chapel Challenge Inspired Students to Express God’s Love

Earlier this spring, President Shoemaker challenged the student body to consider God‘s love for an entire month by submitting creative entries showing what “God’s Love Is…” personally to them. To help the students come up with ideas, four faculty members shared their original interpretations. Abran Miller presented an object lesson, David and Leah Hill sang a duet, Brian Jekel shared a portrait, and Dr. Donna Marion gave a personal illustration. As the days passed, nearly 300 students submitted entries.

Then, during a special chapel service the finalists shared their vision of God’s love through original narratives, poems, instrumental arrangements, and artwork. As Stephen Keeling (Sr, AL) presented his graphic design, he said, “What ’God’s Love Is…’ to me is indescribable. I, as a human being, cannot contain God into one or two words.”

For Hailey Song (Jr, MT), God’s love was reflected in a project that she and a third of her junior nursing class undertook. “God’s love is great motivation for sharing His love with others,” she said. She had the opportunity to do this when her residence assistant asked them to pray for her former piano teacher, an unsaved woman who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Hailey felt burdened to share Christ’s love with this woman through letters and cards. When she shared her idea with her classmates, they eagerly participated, resulting in an entire table full of cards that were sent by two-day mail to the dying teacher.

After students shared how God’s love had influenced their lives, President Shoemaker concluded chapel: “There is a real and lasting impact that God’s love can have on others. There are many opportunities around us to share God’s love. Let me encourage you to continue using this semester to consider what ‘God’s Love Is…’ and to show His love to others.”  

Published 4/7/2015