Israel Tour Gives Students a Vision of the Holy Land

Israel Tour

Over Christmas break, 13 PCC students, along with history faculty Dr. John Reese, had the opportunity to visit Israel with the Covenant Journey tour group led by Mat Staver, founder of the Liberty Counsel.

Students in Israel

“This ‘Covenant Journey,’ as the trip was called, was the inaugural trip with the intentions of connecting Christian young people enrolled in colleges and universities with their Judeo–Christian roots and making ambassadors for Israel,” said Dr. Reese. Dr. Reese

Megan Jones (KY), a senior Accounting and Pre-law double major, knew that the 10-day tour would change her life. “My generation has lost the importance of Israel and the Jewish people. This trip was to spark the flame in our lives, and hopefully, with God´s grace, we can encourage people to support Israel,” she said.

Students enjoyed a blend of tourist attractions and political briefings, experiencing both the rich culture and history of Israel while learning about the political forces at work in the region today.

“We got to experience many amazing things—from floating in the Dead Sea, to cruising the Sea of Galilee, to hiking in disputed territories, to being baptized in the Jordan River,” Tyler German (FL), a sophomore Accounting major, said.

The group also had the privilege of getting to know many Israeli citizens—even eating dinner with a local family one evening. More sobering moments included visiting a bomb shelter; meeting members of the Knesset and Israeli Defense Force; and hearing Anne Frank’s childhood friend and Holocaust survivor, Hannah Pik speak before visiting the National Holocaust Museum.

“I think that's what was so amazing about this trip,” Abby Hoffman (OH), a sophomore History major said.“We were able to tour the country not only visiting important biblical sites, but also key historical and political sites as well.”

Students in Israel

For Christians, the group on the Covenant Journey tour saw even greater significance in their visits to the places where Christ walked and the settings of important biblical events. “Now when I read about locations in Scripture or hear phrases in hymns, my mind instantly transports me through eight time zones to the very place referred to in those passages and songs,” said Dr. Reese.

Megan recommends that students visit Israel for themselves. “I feel that for anyone to understand, they need to go and see Israel and the people. It truly has been a life–changing experience.”

In the future, the Liberty Counsel will be hosting more Covenant Journey student tours in Israel. Interested students should apply online at

Published 2/11/2015