Running for the Gospel

On Friday, April 24, thousands of students, faculty, and staff gathered on college field eagerly awaiting the starting signal to begin the college’s third Missions 5K Run. Students chattered excitedly among each other, making memories and posing for pictures.

Josh Berlin, (So., TN) participated in last year’s run, and was excited to run again this year. “The Mission Run was awesome! It was a ton of fun being able to run with my friends knowing that it was to support and help out missions.”

Students showed their support in a variety of ways—from donating money, to passing out water and orange slices for the runners, to exuberantly cheering each other over the finish line.

Student body president Jacob van Hall (MI) said, “I think students are really starting to feel more ownership of the event and look at it as if it is their own. It is acquiring history and meaning as the years start to roll by.”

Student body officers chose the theme “Living out the Gospel” for this year’s Missions Run, drawing from the theme they had selected for the entire year. “The best way to spread the gospel is to actually live a life that shows you believe the gospel,” Jacob said.

At 11 p.m., after the official countdown, over 3,000 students took off, determined to run the course and finish strong.

This year’s winners were Alan Fitzer (Jr., OH), Brandon Paffile (Sr., WA), and Jeremy Carlson(Fr., FL) for the men and Victoria Little (Sr., NC), Caroline Bracken (Fr., AE) and Shayna Cliver(So., AK) for the women.

Most importantly though, this year’s run raised $26,185.65 for PCC’s Christian Service ministries, the Lighthouse Children’s Home in Tallahassee, and the Subic Bay Children’s Home in the Philippines.

“I never feel as excited about being a student at PCC as when I see all the people at this school who have a real desire to follow God and want to give to His work in any way they can,” said Jacob.

Published 05/1/2015