Natural Sciences Department

Natural Sciences Department

"God’s creative hand is displayed in His creation," said Dr. Shane Smith, chair of natural sciences. "Teachers are able to point to it in all of the classes."

In the natural sciences programs, students learn the order and complexity of God's creation as revealed in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics.

"We teach biology from the perspective of God as the Creator of life instead of life as developed and evolved through chance events over billions of years," said Aresia Watson who teaches biology, botany, and other natural sciences classes. "We define science as the study of God's order and reasonableness in His physical universe. A biblical worldview provides the foundation for true knowledge. We are able to look for the absolutes that God has placed within His creation to allow it to operate."

With a broad background in science and liberal arts, students gain a strong theoretical foundation and practical applications. They apply their understanding of key concepts to solve problems in science and mathematics, evaluate scientific data, write reports, communicate research, give oral presentations, study scientific literature, and assess scientific investigation based on God's creation.

Alumni Jessica Jackson (’06), M.D., an OB/GYN, and Elias Gonzalez (’09), D.D.S., a dentist serving in the U.S. Navy, have been recent guest speakers at Pre-Medicine Forums. During the forums held each semester, students enjoy hearing alumni advice and stories about medical school, the practice of medicine, and the application process.

"In our program we focus on the basics," said Dr. Carlos Alvarez, who teaches biology and other sciences at PCC. "Our students graduate with a solid background in the basic sciences that allows them to be successful in post graduate programs."

Many PCC graduates get accepted in medical school and physical therapy school, becoming doctors in various fields.

With a strong foundation for your future career, why not consider the natural sciences for your college career. As Watson acknowledged, "There are so many ways to be amazed when one looks at the incredible designs that God has placed in the natural world."

Published 4/30/2015