Papa John’s Partners with the Palms

Papa Johns

During chapel on Friday, September 18, President Shoemaker announced the addition of a Papa John’s pizzeria inside the Palms when the on-campus restaurant moves to its new location next year.

Students cheered when they learned that they won’t have to wait until then to begin ordering personal pizzas (with that garlic dipping sauce, of course). At the Grille’s current location beginning October 2, students will be able to order 8” pizzas with a variety of toppings including tasty additions like spicy Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, grilled chicken, baby portabella mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, and black olives.

“Later on we’ll expand that line and even open it up for room service,” said President Shoemaker. “I hope you’re excited about that—I want it sent up to my office,” he joked.

President Shoemaker concluded the announcement by telling students: “We want your college experience not only to be memorable but to be something that you’ll be proud of. These improvements are meant for you, and I hope you’ll enjoy them.”

In addition to personal pizzas, the menu will include original and garlic parmesan breadsticks, cheese sticks, spicy buffalo wings, BBQ buffalo wings, honey chipotle wings, and roasted wings, says Toby Baker, the Palms manager. “I believe this will be a great service to the student body and a trusted and recognizable name for the guests on campus,” he said.

Published 9/24/2015