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Student Bloggers

For the past few years, PCC’s Campus Post blog has brought readers a collage of enthusiastic voices from current students who love their school and desire to write about their college experiences. Writing is always for the readers—to inform, entertain, inspire, and challenge them. Our bloggers strive to do exactly that for their audience.

Anna Grace

“Everything about my writing is meant for the reader to enjoy, to answer their questions, give them a laugh, and give them something to think about,” said Anna Grace. “My inspiration comes from everyday, ordinary life. I love stepping away from the daily and seemingly mundane and finding the extraordinary and beautiful things about it. There’s so much of it I scratch it down in writing as I go through life so that I don’t forget!”

For Marissa and Carrie, blogging is their way to give readers a closer look at campus.


“I enjoy sharing my thoughts and exploring the nooks and crannies of campus,” Marissa said, “especially the places and things that we overlook.”


Carrie said, “I hope to present a more down-to-earth view of college life than what readers would find on a more formal site.”

Bloggers may earn credit for a writing class to develop their understanding of writing, editing, and creating content while gaining practical experience writing for the Campus Post.

“I love writing, so the blog has never been a chore, but an opportunity!” Anna Grace said. “I firmly believe you are never too busy for anything—you are only prioritized. We make time for the things we love most, and I have always had time for the blog.”

The bloggers also gain quality writing guidance from PCC’s English faculty. Each blogger meets with the instructor once a week to get posts ready to meet their deadlines.

“It is exciting to see their genuine enthusiasm to write about aspects of campus that mean something to them,” said one of the previous blog instructors, professional writing faculty Sarah Eshleman. “And it's exciting to see them improve as writers through the semester.”

When asked for advice to those interested in blogging, Anna Grace responded quickly, “If you have any interest at all, do it! Take the opportunity to share your voice. You have nothing to lose except words you'll never say otherwise. Share your perspective, and you have really added to the world.”

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Published 2/5/2015