Valentine’s Day Wedding Seminar

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to help you have a beautiful, Christ-centered wedding ceremony,” pronounced Dr. Dale Adkins as he began the annual Wedding Seminar, held on Valentine’s Day in the Mullenix Chapel. For over 20 years, the Wedding Seminar hosted by Campus Church has helped couples prepare for the spiritual significance and practical details of their wedding.

At this year’s seminar, Mrs. Melody Moses, Pastor Denis McBride, and Dr. Dale Adkins shared their wisdom on marriage and marriage preparation—backing their advice with over 100 years of marriage combined. Dr. Adkins encouraged the couples in attendance about the importance of noticing how their future spouses treat others who can give nothing in return. Pastor McBride reminded couples that the wedding is a sacred ceremony filled with symbolism of Christ and the church. And Mrs. Moses staged a wedding to highlight important details and share practical tips.

In between the three sessions, couples enjoyed wedding cake and punch as they roamed the reception area looking at display tables from recent weddings. They gathered unique ideas, complimentary programs and save the date cards, and even some bubble wands and other wedding favors. The whole experience gave them confidence in making plans and finishing off details for their big day.

Couples appreciated that the Wedding Seminar provided time to come away from the distractions of wedding planning and refocus on the true meaning of marriage—uniting as one in Christ.

Published 2/25/2015