Deep Cleaning and Serious Fun

Few college students enjoy scrubbing shower tiles and wiping layers of dust off last semester’s textbooks, but PCC students know how to turn an evening of dusting cloths, bathroom cleaners, and bumbling vacuums into an exciting event. For many students, White Glove means pizza, music, and lots of laughs.

“I enjoy getting some roommate bonding time,” says Kathy (KY). “My roommates and I always get takeout somewhere and spend the night listening to music and having fun while we clean.”

And they take cleaning seriously. Since they know how life tends to pile up and some chores get pushed to the side, many look forward to scheduled times of necessary organizing and disinfecting. White Glove provides those times in the middle and at the end of every semester. Students vigorously attack bathroom scum, dusty shelves, and anything else cluttering their residence hall rooms in preparation for the “white glove” test. Resident Assistants come through at check time and give the anticipated pass-or-fail results.

“For me, White Glove is another hurdle on the road to victory in the semester,” said Sean (IL). “I do the job, the RA approves it, and I enjoy an overdue night of sleep.”

Maybe few enjoy the actual cleaning, but they all enjoy the results.

“I always wake up the morning after feeling cleaner myself because of the immaculate room,” said AnaBelle (FL) “I do believe that cleanliness affects the spirit.”

Published 3/23/2015